YouTube & WordPress in your Business Marketing – Magic Robots?


YouTube & WordPress in your Business Marketing – Magic Robots?


Do you like automation? If you use YouTube & WordPress in your business marketing efforts – this article is for you. It’s all about “Magic Robots”.

(If not – thanks for checking it out and consider forwarding this to a friend who does. They will thank you for doing so.)

A brand new software was just released called “Simple Video Press” this week and it is unlike anything I have ever seen before. It literally automates the creation of blog posts from video, builds your email list and so much more…

“What is SVP – what does it do?”

Basically the “magic robots” do the heavy lifting for you! Whenever you create a new video and upload it to YouTube – it automates the creation of a blog post with your new video.

Literally upload the Video to YouTube and carry on with your day. The software then creates a new blog post for you and publishes it! Or if you prefer it saves it as a draft and sends you an email telling you it’s there waiting for your approval.

More common questions about SVP: “Can I use this for older videos?”

Yes you can – The installation takes about 45 seconds. And then 1 -3 minutes later (depending on how many videos you have) You will see all of your videos + comments created as new blog posts.

If you have existing videos you add the SVP video “wrapper” to your site and reap the rewards of new subscribers, increased views & growth to your email list

A lot of people create new categories on their sites and put a bunch of videos up in about 5 minutes. They report those pages has become the 2nd most popular page on their site!

Which leads to huge gains in views, opt-ins, YT subscriptions, etc.

Does it support multiple auto-responders?

Yes – pretty much every email system is supported – including Aweber, Mail Chimp, iContact, Get Response, Constant Contact, Office Auto Pilot, etc. etc.

Can I use this for videos that are not mine?

No you cannot – we thought about adding this option but felt that it would be used for spammy purposes and decided against it. If in the future we see a way this could be used legitimately – we will consider it.

CLICK on the image below to get SVP and put the Magic Robots to work (limited availability):