Your Genetics Could be Sabotaging Efforts to Lower Cholesterol


Your Genetics Could be Sabotaging Efforts to Lower Cholesterol


What should you be eating to have a low fat, low cholesterol diet? You may be exercising regularly and keeping your weight under control but still, you cannot reduce your cholesterol.

Your body may be pre-programed with a certain level of cholesterol, and therefore no matter the effort you make, it could be very difficult to lower your cholesterol. There is significant evidence which suggests that high cholesterol levels may be due to a hereditary factor. This group of people, predisposed to high cholesterol, must do extra work to reduce their cholesterol levels and achieve an optimal level.

Studies carried out by the Berkeley National Lawrence Laboratory in California, which compared the levels of cholesterol on twin males, proved that both had the same genetic composition. In the study, twenty-eight pairs of twins were analyzed. One of the twins was given a low fat and cholesterol diet, and the other was allowed to eat whatever he wanted. One of them therefore, followed a strict program, while the other one followed none and made no exercise whatsoever. The study proved that the twins with the better food plan, presented lower cholesterol levels. However the values were not remarkably low, due to the genetic component which produced an increase of cholesterol in the blood.

Even drugs with astatine such as Lipitor or Zocor, along with their side effects, can sometimes reduce LDL cholesterol, but they not always work as intended, as some individuals are genetically programmed to have higher cholesterol level than other people lacking this genetic component. Therefore these results are paving the way for drug manufacturers to produce a medicine which combats this sort of genetic inconvenience.

The most efficient way to prevent coronary disease and decrease cholesterol is through a diet rich in green leaf vegetables, cereals and specific nutrients to reduce cholesterol.

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