You Can Be A Wedding MC Guide Book – Wedding Emcee Tips and Ideas


You Can Be A Wedding MC Guide Book – Wedding Emcee Tips and Ideas


We are proud to present this Special Edition of the worlds most popular Master of Ceremonies wedding reception handbook. you-can-be-a-wedding-mc-coverThe complete guide for anyone who has been asked to MC a wedding and needs to know exactly what to do to look good and sound great – now!

Finally, a fool-proof system designed to make MCing a wedding and entirely hassle-free affair – and save you money at the same time !

This guide has everything the wedding emcee requires to ensure the reception runs like clockwork.

You’ve agreed to be the wedding MC but the date is FAST approaching – and you’re starting to feel the pressure build.

Soon it will be you at the lectern with the microphone in your hand – and everyone listening to your every word.

You’ll be coordinating the entire event – without nearly enough experience!

This is an easy-to-follow guide that is also quick to read – it should only take you a few hours.

This easy-to-read guide to a successful wedding reception includes all the essential information you need to be the perfect Master of Ceremonies.

– comprehensive MC’s CHECKLIST so you’ll have everything covered
– the WEDDING PARTY DETAILS that lists everyone involved
– RECEPTION RUNSHEET including Grace, Dinner, Speeches, Cake, Waltz, Garter, Bouquet, Circle, Archway.

In under a minute and a half, you can be on your way to cheers, laughs, hoorays, compliments, rave reviews and recommendations because you – the MASTER OF CEREMONY – was organized, told appropriate humorous jokes, and made everyone feel welcome with your ability to bring the group of guests together.

There are stacks of tips on how to handle nerves, and word-for-word templates on what to say and how to say it.

And it is easy to understand because it is written in straight-forward English – so you can be on your way to performing as a successful MC immediately..

This is the short-cut you have been searching for. This is the answer to a happy, well-organized, original and memorable wedding reception.

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You Can Be A Wedding MC Guide Book – Wedding Emcee Tips and Ideas