World of Warcraft – Impulse Keybind and Macro Addon


World of Warcraft – Impulse Keybind and Macro Addon

Simply Compete With the Absolute Best Raiders & PVPers in WoW

Increase Your Reflexes and Performance With Most reliable Hotkeys and Macros from Impulse

Our easy-to-use keybinding optimization machine will robotically mounted the perfect, most intuitive keybinds on your chosen class, spec, and function.

Strengthen the reflexes you wish to raid and PVP on the perfect level in beneath per week!


Set Up Your Personality’s Keybinds & Macros in 3 Simple Steps!

1. Choose your keybind type. – From step one, you’ll choose a format that makes the most sense for you. Every set of keybinds is constructed to be comfy and straightforward to control. The much less you need to consider your keybinds, the faster you’ll attain the highest of the charts!
2. Review the optimized keybinds and macros. – Impulse provides you the foremost setup right off the bat, however it’s also constructed together with your ease of use in mind. Add or cast off keybinds at will, or preserve the default. Both means, your new setup shall be on hand to you with just one extra click.
3. Click Practice! – It’s that straightforward! And for those who come to a decision to tweak your binds in a while, which you could fix the whole lot to default with only one click on.

Powerful Software That Suits Your Desires Each Type & Spec Covered

Impulse mechanically detects your classification and spec, so there’s no need to scroll thru any lengthy menus. Whether you’re enjoying a Marksmanship Hunter or a Restoration Druid, you’ll get a personalized set of keybindings and macros.

By no means concern about being outclassed once more! Your guild shall be begging you to fill raid and arena slots.


Easy Setup – Manually optimizing your keybinds can take hours of research. Impulse does it in seconds. With just two clicks you’ll have a setup that can be utilized for Raiding, PVP, and extra. While your folks are still seeking to installed their persona the sluggish, tedious approach, you’ll be racking up achievements and loot!

Intuitive Keybinds – Keybinds are pointless if you can’t examine them quick. Our setups are rigorously examined to make sure they’re now not simplest the best, but the easiest to examine. Inside a week they’ll be 2d nature, and your DPS will shoot to the top of the charts!

Optimized Macros – Impulse doesn’t cease at keybinds, though. Part of getting essentially the most out of your setup is knowing when to use macros. We’ve already supplied you with the ideal macros on your category, spec, and function. Your opponents shall be tripping over their talents whilst you just hit one button to dominate the sector!

Whole Customization – Not best are you able to select the type of keybinding you want to make use of, you can also customize the keybinds and macros that Impulse puts into your setup. If you realize you’re not going to use a definite talent, simply cast off it from the record. Impulse is there that can assist you, no longer get in your method. Map out the perfect, custom-made keybind setup in seconds and command the battlefield!

Painless Transition to Keybinding – New to keybinding? No drawback! The guided interface helps you make a selection a setup that’s right for you, and our specialists have ensured that every one keybinds are easy to reach and easy to memorize. In only one week, you’ll see at the least a 300% growth on your efficiency!