Workout Finishers: Weight Loss Program


Workout Finishers: Weight Loss Program


Your regular cardio and workout-sessions tend to fail you. After all, how can you explain the way people your age go in a gym, spend less time in there than you do, but still look healthier and fitter than you?

Introducing… Workout Finishers: Weight Loss Program


This book by Mike Whitfield solve this quickly and elegantly. You can still do your favorite weekly routine but these are the-finishers that will really burn fat and build your body the way you want to.

Its secret lies in what is called Metabolic Stacking. This is Mike Whitfield’s term of literally stacking the effects of improved metabolism to burn through all the fat and get your muscles going. It relies on four key essentials:

– Density
– Active Recovery
– Strategic Rest Periods
– High Volume Using Set and Rep Schemes

What Do You Get?

So what do you get when you buy this system? Be surprised because this is no ordinary purchase. Instead of just one guide you get all of these:

– Component 1 – Density-Finishers
– Component 2 – Metabolic Circuit-Finishers
– Component 3 – Ladder-Finishers
– Component 4 – Gauntlet-Finishers
– Component 5 – Superset-Finishers
– Component 6 – Finishers-Exercise Library

There are also several bonuses:

– 10 Upper Body-Finishers
– 10 Lower Body-Finishers
– Metabolic Chaos 4-Week Program
– Finishers Aggression 7-Day Workout-System
– 7-Day Crank Start Done-For-You Meal Plans
– Finishers Lifestyle and Nutrition Plan

All of that is valued at more than $350, if you pay for everything. You not only get the downloadable guides but follow-along videos as well, videos you can watch on your phone, tablet, or computer. But the entire package is only worth $47! You can get all of this for a one-time payment of just $47.

For $47 you’ll have everything you ever need. They can stand as interval training, finishers-for-your-workout, they can replace your entire cardio routine, and when together these exercises can become your whole work out routine and it all costs no more than $47.


To top it all off you also get a 60-day money-back guarantee, 100% with no questions asked. That’s the best deal you’ll ever find. You either get the results you want or in 60 days you get your money back. That is an offer you just can’t refuse. It is arguably the best solution that tackles every aspect of weight loss and bodybuilding which is why it has become the #1 choice for trainers and body builders alike.

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