Work, Live, Or Retire In Mexico: Practical Detailed Travel Guide


Work, Live, Or Retire In Mexico: Practical Detailed Travel Guide


Announcing… Retire in Mexico Guidebook Mexico: The Trick is Living Here


This book will help you live or retire (or travel extensively) in Mexico. It will help you answer the questions you have about cost of living by giving example costs and clear descriptions of what you get for your peso in Mexico. It will help you envision what your life might be like once you retire in Mexico.

To be honest, when you live or retire in Mexico, the first year is especially difficult — worth it, but difficult.

The third edition of Mexico: The Trick is Living Here includes information about the cost of living, driving in Mexico, health care, culture shock, and doing paperwork in Mexico, among other things.


You’ll get…

– Over 280 pages of original, richly descriptive text.
– 33 pages devoted entirely to cultural information.
– Useful descriptions of the cost of living in Mexico.
– A unique “lifestyle” approach is employed in which the cost of living is discussed in a holistic framework. It helps the reader to figure out the difference between the cost of basic necessities and the cost for certain “luxuries” they may wish to enjoy in Mexico.
– How-to information on getting necessities such as…

choosing a house
choosing a health care “plan”
getting a telephone
traveling by bus
driving (includes navigating turnabouts)
doing laundry

– Direct, honest discussion of culture-shock not found anywhere else (and additional to what is on this web site).
– A unique, humorous insider’s view of Mexico.
– The author’s first-hand anecdotes, demonstrating the points made in the book.
– Special comments on Mexico’s unique neighborhood festivals by the author’s Mexican husband.
– Detailed sections on doing paperwork and a variety of official transactions in Mexico including…
getting your visa (fully updated according to the new regulations as of November 2012)
– Traveling to Mexico with your pets
– Getting birth certificates for children born in Mexico (U.S. and Canada)
– Receiving your social security benefits (for expats from the United States)
– Special sections just for Canadians discussing…

planning to move to Mexico
birth certificates
other issues unique to Canadians

– Section on health care in Mexico.
– 94 full-color photographs of real life in Mexico that help bring the text alive. (There were only 13 in the second edition.)
– A special Day of the Dead photo gallery with photos taken during the 2005 celebration in Cuernavaca and surrounding areas.
– Easy to read Adobe Acrobat format with hyperlinks in the table of contents that allow you to jump directly to the section you want.

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Work, Live, Or Retire In Mexico: Practical Detailed Travel Guide