WordPress + YouTube Automation = Magic!


WordPress + YouTube Automation = Magic!


If you have not heard there is a new software that just launched that has a ton of people talking. It’s called Simple Video Press – If you are into List building and Automation – read on!

Basically this software takes your YouTube videos and makes blog posts! It literally automates the creation of blog posts from video, builds your email list and so much more…

One user shared a screenshot of his stats and it is mindblowing what it did for him.

Since installing SVP Greg has seen around a 50% increase in his video views!!! His list is growing faster than ever and people are sharing and subscribing to his content in record numbers!

If you want results like Greg you can finally get them! SVP was in beta for a long time while the owners perfected it – and now for the first time it is being released to the public!

Go get it before they take it off the market again!

“What is SVP – what does it do?”

Basically the “magic robots” do the heavy lifting for you! Whenever you create a new video and upload it to YouTube – it automates the creation of a blog post with your new video.

Literally upload the Video to YouTube and carry on with your day. The software then creates a new blog post for you and publishes it! Or if you prefer it saves it as a draft and sends you an email telling you it’s there waiting for your approval.

If you have a wordpress site and are using video in your marketing efforts – do yourself a favor and pick up Simple Video Press – you’ll love it!

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