Wordbay – WordPress eBay Plugin


Wordbay – WordPress eBay Plugin


Wordbay is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to easily add eBay listings to your blog posts, pages or widget positions and make money from the eBay Partner Network.


The WordPress eBay plugin enables users to embed targeted eBay listings in the posts, pages and widget positions of their WP blog. It has too many features to mention, but just a few are:

fully customizable, great-looking templates
geotargeting to any country and its eBay site
caching for hugely improved performance
many different options for tailoring results displayed

It is for the creators of niche sites who want to either make money through the eBay Partner Network or promote their listings as a seller on their own site/blog.

You can filter the listings on lots of parameters, like price, number of bids, specific sellers and much much more. Listings can be geotargeted to a specific country site, depending on where the site visitor is coming from, potentially earning you even more!

It also has a fully-featured templating system so advanced users and developers can totally customize the way they look. The default templates supplied with this software look great too, though, and ensure that visitors won’t be able to resist clicking!

It has been under continuous development since 2008, includes lifetime support and free updates and unlimited personal use, and to cap it all sells at a surprisingly low price compared to the competition!

This plugin takes the hard work out of adding listings to your WP posts and pages – and has a widget too. Just insert the keywords into your content, or in the widget settings, and out will come beautifully formatted, professional-looking listings, related to your keywords and taken from RSS feed, so you can start earning from your niche blog content.

Of course, you can specify all sorts of other parameters, and what is really good is the geotargeting feature that tailors listings to the country the visitor is coming from – US visitors get eBay.com listings, UK visitors get UK listings, and so on, hugely increasing your chances of making sales! Is that cool, or what?!

It allows you to embed listings – freshly updated from the RSS feed – in any page or post on your WP blog, using keywords that you can laser-target to your blog’s niche, and add your affiliate code to start making money from every visitor you send.

Even newbies can start to earn their first money online with simple eBay® niche sites. And now you don’t even have to be a member of the eBay Partner Network!

It’s so easy to use, you wouldn’t believe – you can have money-making listings in your content within seconds of installing the plugin!

And now you can make money in three different ways:

by sending clicks through the eBay Partner Network
by promoting your own listings as a seller
by sending clicks through Skimlinks or Viglink

And the real beauty is you can TOTALLY customize the appearance of your niche listings by creating your own Smarty-based templates for a completely unique look. And as of v1.7.1 there is also a built-in template editor that allows you to change the appearance of the listings without knowing anything about HTML and CSS.


Wordbay – WordPress eBay Plugin