Will Eye Exercises Improve my Vision?


Will Eye Exercises Improve my Vision?


There a number of eye exercise methods being marketed at the moment and it is often difficult for people to choose the best eye exercise method for their particular eye problem. Of course people also want to know whether or not the particular eye exercise that they choose will be effective.

Two eye exercise methods which have achieved overwhelming positive results are the Pinhole Glasses Eye Exercise Method and the Bates Eye Exercise Method. These eye exercise methods are both safe and inexpensive. What’s more they are exercises which can be used in conjunction with one another and which actually complement one another.

Testimonials from those who have used these methods have shown that they can actually achieve an improvement in vision. In fact some of these testimonials have stated that they have been able to cancel laser surgery that they have planned. Others have said that they have been able to throw away their glasses and a number of those who have relied on contact lenses have stated that after following these exercises they have no longer needed their contact lenses.

Of course eye exercises will only improve your vision if you follow them on a regular basis and are dedicated to improving your vision. Carrying out these exercises on an ad hoc basis, such as one week here and there, is not going to work. So make sure that you are really motivated before you start these exercises in order to avoid disappointment. Of course the more relaxed and positive you are when carrying out these eye exercises the more likely that the result will be favorable and that you will notice an improvement in your vision.

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