Why Some People Have It All While Others Continuously Struggle


Why Is It Some People Have It All While Others Continuously Struggle?


What are the driving forces that inspire people who excel in every field? What makes them different, gives them that edge? What are the secrets to their success?

Do you wonder why you see success all around you, but aren’t experiencing it first-hand?

Or, what’s with that “secret” everyone is talking about? Does it really work? Have you been practicing the Law of Attraction and not getting your intended results?

My friend and colleague, Dr. Jonathan Parker has a great 5-minute video that explains 4 reasons why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work.

Watch the video now!

If you aren’t familiar with Jonathan’s work, his website is an amazing resource filled with free videos, articles, and downloadable audios to help you on your path to spiritual fulfillment, health, and abundance.

Jonathan has helped hundreds of thousands of people across the globe in the past 40 years and his unique visualization and meditation methods have literally changed people’s lives.

I hope you enjoy the video!