Why Some Men Receive More Oral Than Others


Why Some Men Receive More Oral Than Others


Men will do just about anything for even so-so oral.

Women can only enjoy the best licking.

For men, teeth is a big no-no but other than that, we are ok with sloppy tongue work.

Because women’s parts are so much more delicate and sensitive than men’s they bristle with every bad tongue move.

It is really had to practice your oral techniques on a woman.

Unless you do it really well she’ll snap her legs shut in a heartbeat or she’ll fake an O just to get you to stop. And you’ll be banished above the waistline for eternity.

It is sad because true artistic oral performances can give women higher satisfaction than any other bedroom act.

For women who have been on the receiving end of expert tongues they say it is by far their favorite “treat”. They are also extremely disappointed when they lover can expertly go down on her.

These tips will save you from oral banishment

If you can’t bring her into a glorious orgasmic state with your mouth, guess what? She is far less likely to be willing to go down on you.

To receive head, you must learn to expertly give it.

There is no better expert in the field than Michael Webb. He has spent the last 20 years in research and writing and coaching couples around the world on all matters relating to the bedroom.

His resources on oral techniques are top-notch.

I thought his section on positions was especially good. Some great ways to prevent those kinks in the neck or tongue.

CLICK on the link below to learn some of the best oral positions: