Why Not Fly Free? – Travel on a Shoestring Budget


Why Not Fly Free? – Travel on a Shoestring Budget


The e-book “Why Not Fly Free? – Travel on a Shoestring Budget” can save you much more money than what you spend on it. The author, David Tinney has been in the industry for 15 years. He has flown almost free-98% of the time and free-63 times! He reveals his secrets to you in the pages of this book.

The Product

It reveals secrets that the airlines don’t want you to know about. The book dispels commonly believed myths about the airline industry and explains the truth about how to save money on flights.

Since the advent of the internet and “discount” travel-sites, a common misconception is that these sites give you the best prices. The “Do it yourself” feel of searching different sites gives you the sense that you are doing all you can do to find the lowest price on air-travel.

But the fact is you are doing too much. Only travel-agents can give you the lowest prices. Yes, travel-agents still exist. And they have access to bulk pricing. This is only one of the many tips that David Tinney reveals.


The biggest pro to reading this book is that you will save money. The book is also written in an easy flowing style making it a quick read. It takes a mere 2-3 hours to get through it. And in that amount of time you will learn to save a lot of money.

Typically people who have a lot of knowledge in an industry keep their information under wraps and try to make as much money as they can. David takes the opposite approach. For one low time price of his e-book he reveals information that has worked for 15 years and will continue to work.

The “bonus” material as David calls it comes in handy. It is a list of consolidators numbers that are unpublished and typically only available to travel-agents.


The biggest con to reading this book is that I am not taking a trip tomorrow. If I were, I would immediately put these tips to great use!

The Verdict

This book is worth the price because you will easily save this amount on your next flight. And if you don’t, he will give you your money back.

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