Who’s Ready To Start Making Soap?


Who’s Ready To Start Making Soap?


For those who would like to learn how to make soap, but don’t have the faintest idea how to nor the time to attend a class, there’s good news!

I’ve recently discovered a new book on the topic of soap making that’s perfect for the modern soap maker. “The Super Soap making Book” is a super book researched and written by Sandy Simmons. It’s a complete guide for the soap making newbie and is guaranteed to keep you occupied with projects for months with its substantial collection of soap recipes.

What I liked about this book is that it’s so easy to follow. That’s probably because it assumes zero background in soap making from its readers. Resources like lists of materials and equipments you’ll need depending on your preferred soap making method is listed, and basic soap recipes for your first few tries are available too.

Once you feel more comfortable with your skill level, you can then do the more complex recipes. The book also provides a saponification index table. This is a table that tells you how much lye you need depending on the amount and type of oil that you will use in your soap. That means, with this table, you can even customize the soap recipes she shares or create your own recipes!

And for the budding soap entrepreneurs out there, this book is just perfect! “The Super Soap Making Book” discusses relevant and important topics such as what you need to set up a business, how to define your pricing strategy, how to find a market for your soap products and how to stand out from competition.

I encourage you to take a look at this amazing book. Click on the link below to learn more: