Which is the Best Program for Better Vision?


Which is the Best Program for Better Vision?


There are a number of programs available today which purport to be able to correct your eyesight without the use of glasses, and give your better vision. We believe that one of the best programs for better vision is the Bates Program.

The Bates Program is in effect a series of exercises which were formulated by the pioneering ophthalmologist William Bates. He rebelled against orthodox ophthalmology when after years of research he discovered that vision could be corrected by undertaking eye exercises rather than wearing glasses.

His program involved undertaking daily eye exercises. One of the many advantages of his exercise program is that the exercises are easy to follow. Furthermore they are safe and do not involve any expenditure other than the purchase of a book which explains the exercises in full.

Thousands of people who have followed these exercises have experienced such a remarkable improvement in their vision that they have been able to throw away their glasses for good.

Bates believed that the great majority of eye conditions, including serious ones are actually caused by eye strain rather than a fundamental problem with the eyes. The aim of his exercise program was therefore to relax the eye muscles and thus allow the eyes to self repair. He also stressed the importance of a well balanced diet rich in certain vitamins for those who wish to improve their vision.

Exercises in the Bates Program include a Palming exercise which involves placing the palm of your hands over your eyes, as well as a Swinging exercise which involves shifting the gaze of your eyes.

Of course in order to undertake this program you will need to be dedicated, it will not work if you carry out the exercises on an ad hoc basis. They need to be practiced at least once a day in the beginning. We certainly believe that if you can dedicate the requisite time to these exercises that the Bates program for better vision is one of the best on the market.

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