Which Eyesight Exercises are Available on the Market Today


Which Eyesight Exercises are Available on the Market Today


If you are looking for some eyesight exercises to try in order to achieve vision correction, then you should look no further than the Pinhole Glasses Exercise method and the Bates Exercise Method. Testimonials of those who have used these exercise methods have been overwhelmingly positive.

If you have a busy agenda, then the Pinhole Glasses exercise method may be the most suitable for you. This is because this exercise consists of simply wearing the glasses, for a minimum of fifteen minutes per day and they then miraculously do the rest of the work.

Pinhole Glasses are made of an opaque material such as metal or plastic and have a series of pinhole perforations. These perforations allow the elimination of the scattering of light on the retina, which in turn reduces eye strain that can tire the eye muscles. Pinhole glasses also cut out peripheral vision. The aim of the glasses is to eliminate eye activities which tire the muscles and hence enable the eyes to heal.

In fact those that have used pinhole glasses have said that they can also help eye fatigue due to computer glare. There are two contraindications to wearing pinhole glasses and these are driving and using machinery, as these are activities for which you need your peripheral vision.

If you have more time available you may want to try the Bates Exercise Method which works on the same principle as the Pinhole Glasses Exercise Method. The Bates Exercise Method also works by relaxing your eyes and eliminating eye strain thus enabling your eyes to self repair and heal with time.

There is no doubt that research and testimonial evidence has shown that these two eyesight exercises are very likely to achieve positive results.

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