What’s The Best Password Resetting Software I’ve Ever Used?


What’s The Best Password Resetting Software I’ve Ever Used?

There are lots of password recovery tools that you can find in the Internet these days. These tools are very useful for people who have this tendency to forget their computer passwords or those who travel quite a lot and will not be able to use their computer for such a long time.

Since there are lots of these tools now, you might be wondering which among them are worthy of your hard earned money. Well, I’ve tried quite a lot of these tools so let me give you a little bit of advice.

I did my Homework

I actually did a comparison of all the password recovery tools that are all over the Internet now. I am interested to invest on one of these since I run a business that requires me to make use of several computers and the problem that I am faced with sometimes is that I tend to forget what the password for each computer is.

I do not want to come up with any obvious passwords because I want to keep my business safe and secure as much as possible. Obviously, I didn’t want to write them down, and that’s why Reset Password Pro is heaven-sent.

All about the Reset Password Pro

Of all the software that I used, it is the Reset Password Pro that really got my attention and this is because of these two reasons – ease of installation and fast operation. Even though I own a lot of computers, I am not actually computer savvy and so I am not that much familiar with the technical aspects of a computer, so as much as possible, I need a password recovery software that is not too complicated to operate.

This is what I really appreciate about the Reset Password Pro. The tool is very easy to install and it even comes with an instructional video as well as images which you can refer to for guidance in installing the software. Aside from that, I was amazed that the procedure of resetting your password takes only a few minutes. If you are an entrepreneur like me, then you sure know how important the time is.

How it Works

Just to give you a brief background on how the Reset Password Pro works, what you need to do first is to go to their website and download the tool. But before you are able to download the software, you will have to pay for the tool first which costs $37.95.

You will then be given a username and password so you can log in and start installing the tool. As soon as you are done downloading the tool, you will be asked to create a boot disk, and this is done by burning the tool to a CD or a USB drive.

After that, simply plug in the boot disk to the computer that you have forgotten the password for and then it will give you list of administrator names. Choose your name from the list and it will automatically remove the option to key-in the password so when you turn on your computer, it will ask you to proceed even if you do not provide any password at all.

This tool has saved my behind a lot of times now. It has paid for itself over and over again.