What You Need for Super-Fast Housecleaning


What You Need for Super-Fast Housecleaning


If you head to the local grocery or hardware store and look down the aisle (or aisles) of cleaning products, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by your choices. All of the advertisements on television insist that their products will solve your cleaning woes, but do you really need to have a cupboard full of different products to keep a tidy home? Which ones are necessary, and which are simply a waste of money? Being able to keep a clean house as quickly and economically as possible is a very important task in our lives, but what we need to get the job done isn’t always obvious.

Though every home does have its own unique needs, there are some things that you should consider to be the very basics in your cleaning supplies. Without these items, you’ll be spending an unnecessarily large amount of time and money to perform the exact same task.

Though some of these items may sound obvious, others may surprise you:

Proper cleaning attire – naturally, you’re not going to want to get your good clothes dirty or torn. Therefore, you should have a
comfortable, durable set of cleaning clothes that you can wear when you’re doing your housework. Not only will this help you to save money on your clothing, but it will also allow you to clean more quickly because you won’t always be worried about ruining your clothing.

A basic bucket – buckets are good for any number of cleaning tasks. Make sure that you have a quality bucket in your arsenal of cleaning tools.

Tools of the trade – sponges, rags, brushes, brooms, and mops are all required for fast, easy, and effective house cleaning. Without the
right tools, it will take you several times longer to perform the same task. By investing in the right cleaning tools, you’ll save yourself
hours upon hours of cleaning time every year.

Cleansers – there really is no need for you to have a different product for every single part of your home. A few basic types of cleaning products should do for everything you own. You may also want to look into saving your money (and the environment) with some natural, home-made cleaning products that work just as well as the toxic, chemical-filled varieties you find in the store.

When you speed up your cleaning routine, you make the entire process much less stressful. To do this, you need to have the proper supplies available and ready to be used. Learn more about cleaning quickly and effectively, and find out exactly which products are the right ones by downloading your copy of The Ultimate Guide of Speed Cleaning Secrets.

Speed Cleaning: It Can Be Done

These days, no matter what our lifestyles look like, they all have one thing in common: they’re busy. As busy people we have something else in common as well: we don’t have time to waste on cleaning our homes. When we come home from work at night, we make dinner, help the kids with homework, walk the dog, and then do all of the other errands that are required of us. The last thing we feel like doing after all of that is cleaning part of the house. We can barely make it to the couch in time to fall asleep in front of our favorite late-night television show!

So that leaves us with the weekends. These are supposed to be days of relaxation and rejuvenation to recover from the previous week while preparing for the upcoming one. Though we don’t want to waste the whole thing cleaning the house, we also don’t want to live in a dirty home, either.

Not to worry. It is actually possible to have a clean house and still have enough time to relax on the weekends. The solution is speed
cleaning. This is an art form that includes a broad range of techniques which have been overlooked for far too long. And yet, it’s so
unbelievably simple that the majority of the people who use it wonder why they never thought of its various methods before. Speed cleaning simply upgrades the cleaning methods we’re used to using and makes them efficient so that they take a great deal less time while remaining just as efficient (if not more so) than they ever were.

These processes are the secrets of the professional cleaning industry.

Companies train their staff members in some of these ways to ensure that they achieve the maximum results in a minimum amount of time. These processes include:

  • Wearing the right clothing for the job
  • Having the right tools and using them
  • Cleaning things in the right order
  • Cleaning in the right direction

Of course, that is a simplified explanation of all of the speed cleaning techniques that exist to cut your house cleaning time in half, but that is the essence of what it’s all about. Every task you perform to clean your home has a better way to get it done. If you’d like to learn them all, make sure you download a copy of The Ultimate Guide of Speed Cleaning Secrets. It will teach you how to clean every room of your house twice as fast as you used to.

Tips to Clean Your House Super-Fast

It’s happened to all of us. We’re sitting in our somewhat-clean, but messy home when we receive a call telling us that visitors will be
knocking on the door in only a few hours. Even when we usually keep a clean house, there are times when we can be caught off guard on lazy day when all we want to do is relax. It’s as though people know when we’ve slacked off on our cleaning and choose those exact days to try to come over and embarrass us! The next time you find yourself in this predicament, it’s time to put your knowledge of speed-cleaning to the test. Speed cleaning is a special way of freshening your house in an effective way, without all of the extra time requirements of traditional housecleaning techniques.

Here are a few tips to get you started. Begin the moment you hang up the phone from your soon-to-be-arriving guests (or, if you have a
cordless phone, get started right away!).

Befriend the trash can – grab the nearest garbage pail and take it with you, walking around all of the rooms of the house, throwing any
trash you find into it, and emptying other trash cans into it (empty trash cans give the impression of a room that is cleaner overall).

Dust and de-clutter – dampen a dust rag and begin wiping down every surface with it, picking up the clutter as you go and straightening up objects that may be out of place. This can include putting toys into the toy box, organizing magazines, putting the throw pillows back in place, and setting aside items that don’t belong in that room to be removed once you’re done. This technique removes dust, gives everything a quick polish, and eliminates all of the extra “stuff” that has collected since you last cleaned up.

Do the floors – though you may not have time for a full clean, run the vacuum over the very visible or high traffic carpeted areas, and
then use a damp mop to wipe down all of the floors (leaving the thorough mopping for when you have more time). This will remove all of the dust that has fallen to the floor after you dusted.

Make the bathroom sparkle – if there is any room by which your guests will judge you, it’s the bathroom, so it’s important not to take any shortcuts here. Clean the toilet bowl (and dust the back of the tank) and wash the sink including the taps. Wipe the mirror to remove spots and streaks. You may not have to clean the tub if you can keep the curtain or doors closed and the guests won’t be using it.

The best tip of all is not to get caught off guard next time. To accomplish this, you need speed cleaning techniques that are so thorough and effective that they’ll actually allow you to perform all of your regular house cleaning in half the time. Download your copy of The Ultimate Guide of Speed Cleaning Secrets and begin learning how right away.

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