What Type Of People Are Likely To Cheat In Relationships?


What Type Of People Are Likely To Cheat In Relationships?

By Kajay Williams


Society revolves around couples in relationships – it’s considered the norm for people to be in committed relationships. But what is becoming more and more normal is for people to cheat on their partners – in fact, recent statistics suggest that up to 10% of children are being raised by men who think they are their fathers, but aren’t. But what drives people to cheat? Who actually cheats?

1. People in power

A recent study published in Psychological Science suggests that those in a position of power are most likely to cheat, regardless of gender – in fact, the study suggested that power at work was the single biggest indicator of cheating, and as women increasingly become more powerful in the working world, women are cheating just as much as men are.

2. Men whose partners are in a higher position of power

Other research suggests that men who somehow feel as though their masculinity has been compromised – perhaps because their partners are in a position of power, or because they are financially dependent on their partner, are more likely to cheat, possibly because their masculinity feels threatened and they want to reassert that masculinity through any means possible.

3. Women who are at their most fertile

Research done into fertility and cheating has shown that women who are at their most fertile are more likely to cheat, especially when they are ovulating, as during this time they become attracted to very masculine men who tend to have lots of “handsome” features, such as a strong jaw and muscles – men who are likely to provide them with good genes for their children.

According to anthropologist Elizabeth Pillsworth, some women pursue two options when finding a mate; one male who she can settle down and build a home and family with and another male who is more attractive than the first, so that she can provide her children with the best genes and the best home. Fertile women tend to cheat more, and very fertile women tend to be very attractive, which is also linked with higher incidents of cheating.

4. Personality type

Personality is a huge indicator into who is more likely to cheat and why. Those with avoidant attachment personalities (those who are not comfortable with closeness and intimacy) could cheat on their partner to gain space and to disassociate themselves from their partner and their relationship. Those with anxious attachment personalities (those who are clingy and who need constant reassurance) could cheat on their partner because they want to seek intimacy and are afraid of seeking it from their partner.

Many personality traits are linked to higher occurrences of cheating, for example, extroverts are often driven to explore their sexuality, which could lead to cheating on their partner, whilst those who are not agreeable are more likely to cheat on their partner because they are not that worried about damaging their relationship.

5. Genes

A controversial new study suggests that those with a variant of the DRD4 gene could be more likely to cheat, because the gene is associated with addictive behaviors – and these behaviors often continue due to the release of dopamine when the behavior occurs. Possession of the gene could mean that the individual is more likely to seek out thrill-seeking or dangerous situations, such as cheating.

Although there are many indicators for cheating, if your partner displays one of the behaviors or indicators above, it does not necessarily mean that they will cheat. Cheating comes down to choice, so try to build a happy, trusting and fulfilled relationship, where you can be open and comfortable with each other, rather than focusing on the likelihood of your partner cheating.

What To Do If Your Partner Is Having An Affair?

Time To Act: There is hope.

An affair may be the best thing to happen to a marriage or relationship.

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