What Natural Vision Therapy Should I Choose?


What Natural Vision Therapy Should I Choose?


Recent years have shown a back lash against modern and orthodox medicine as people have become aware that modern medicine treatments often carries with it side effects which are worse than the problem being treated. Those with eye problems are now more eager than ever to try out a natural vision therapy.

Once you have decided that you want to choose such a therapy you will probably want to know which one is the most effective. Well, two very effective natural therapies for improving vision are the Pinhole Glasses Exercise Method and The Bates Exercise Method.

In fact Pinhole Glasses were used ever before modern glasses prescribed by opticians came into being. Pinholes Glasses are not made from glass but are made from opaque material such as plastic or metal. They consist of a series of pinhole sized perforations in the glasses. They work by eliminating the scattering of light on the retina that we experience when focusing on an object or image. They also eliminate peripheral vision.

This process enables the eyes to focus and relax without straining, and in turn the relaxation of muscles leads to an improvement in vision. If you choose this natural therapy to help improve your eyesight, then you will need to wear the pinhole glasses every day for at least fifteen minutes.

An exercise method which complements the Pinhole Glasses exercise method and can be used in conjunction with it is the Bates Exercise Method. This exercise method is named after the ophthalmologist, William Horatio Bates, who was working in the United States in the 1920s, and who sought to challenge orthodox ophthalmology after discovering that there was a more natural way to improve vision other than wearing prescription lenses. He was one of the pioneers in natural vision therapy.

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