What Is Magnetized Water and What Is It Good For?


What Is Magnetized Water and What Is It Good For?


In order to be highly effective magnetic therapy makes use of more appliances which help the magnetic energy penetrate more effectively the entire body and reach the points where it is needed. One of the most used such magnetic appliance is magnetized water.

Magnetized water is obtained by filling in a bottle of water and keeping it a number of days on a magnet of North or South Pole. After that period, the water which has been kept on the North Pole magnet is mixed with the one which has been kept on the South Pole magnet, thus resulting the bipolar magnetized water. The South and the North Pole magnetized waters can also be used separately for treating some conditions which do not require the action of both poles, but rather jus the action of one or the other pole.

Thus, there can be individuated three types of magnetized waters: the bipolar magnetized water, the South Pole magnetized water and the North Pole magnetized water. According to the respective needs of the individual, one of these types of water is used in order to treat the disease and/or strengthen the individual’s body.

The magnetized water is highly useful in treating many diseases and ailments. The South Pole magnetized water is extensively used in treating the conditions caused by bacteria, such as abscesses, boils and viral infections, while the North Pole Magnetized water is used for curing infections and eczemas which develop infections. The bipolar water, resulted from the mixing of the North Pole and South Pole magnetized waters is used in indigestions and problems of the urinary system. It is also believed that the bipolar magnetized water has the more powerful effects as it combines the power of both poles in one single appliance.

For maximized effects, the magnetized water is taken both internally and externally, so that it can act both from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside. Usually, inflammations, swellings and skin infections are washed with this water to help them heal faster.

The magnetized water is one of the best appliances from magnetic therapy, offering fast and positive results. Yet, it must be taken under the surveillance of a magnetic therapy specialist, so that it can give the best results in a short amount of time.

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