What Is a Yeast Infection Caused By?


What Is a Yeast Infection Caused By?


Yeast infections can be painful, irritating and itchy, so knowing what causes them and how to prevent future breakouts is a must for many people.

They can be brought on by a variety of reasons, but the root cause is an overgrowth of the Candida-yeast.

Candida-yeast is a naturally occurring in up to 90% of the population, but causes no direct problem as your bodies natural defense systems prevent it from spreading and causing an infection.

However with it laying dormant, all it takes is for your immune system to become deficient or the environment where it lives to change. What this means is changes in heat and moisture levels can promote its growth, along with changes in PH levels and hormone levels.

When your immune is to weak to control it, an overgrowth occurs and spreads out of control, causing yeast-infections and other health problems.

Its source or overgrowth could be fueled from deep inside your body, and its site could simply be a by product of the internal overgrowth. This means that by only treating the site, the deeper overgrowth could cause it to reoccur and eventually build a resistance to the medication your using.

In order to stop these permanently you need to comprehend 2 important things…

First of all, you need to treat its internal overgrowth fueling, to do this you need to undertake a complete Candida cleanse to remove it completely.

Secondly you should become aware of how the overgrowth happened in the first place, so you can deal with the problem, preventing it happen again.

If it was from something as simple as the hormonal changes due from pregnancy, then there is nothing to worry about, and the cause will subside in time.

However if it from a lowered immune system then you really need to why your immune was so deficient, so you can boost it back up.

It is possible that your immune became weakened from being sick, or possibly from medication or antibiotics. Make sure you consult your doctor before going off any medication, but check to see if there are other options.

Understand how the overgrowth occurred in the first place, was it from a weakened immune system, or something as simple as hormonal changes due to pregnancy.

Now that you understand what causes your yeast infection, you can be better prepared next time they occur.

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