What Are the Types of Magnetized Water and How Can They Help You?


What Are the Types of Magnetized Water and How Can They Help You?


Magnetic therapy is a part of Naturopathy which helps the body handle the diseases more effectively by re-establishing its normal levels of magnetic energy. This type of therapy makes use of several appliances, among which we can note the high, medium and low power magnets, the magnetic water, magnetic lumbar and neck belts, magnetic necklaces and magnetic bracelets. Magnetic water is one of the most popular appliances due to its easy use and to its effectiveness. Also, this type of appliance is easy to make, fact which makes it accessible to more categories of people. The magnetic water can be purchased in its ready to use form or it can be prepared at home, by keeping a bottle of water onto a magnet of South or North Pole for about 24 hours.

Depending on the magnetic charging it has, three types of magnetic water can be individuated: South Pole magnetic water, which has been kept on the South Pole of the magnet, North Pole magnetic water which has been charged with energy from the North Pole magnet and bipolar magnetic water which is a mixture between the waters of the two poles. Each of the above listed types of water has specific use and can treat a varied range of ailments and diseases.

For example, the South Pole magnetic water is highly effective in treating the diseases caused by bacteria. Thus, abscesses, boils and viral infections are on the list of conditions which can be treated using magnetic water. In case of abscesses and skin infections, it is recommended that the water is used both internally (by drinking it) and externally (by washing the area with it) for a more effective treatment. The North Pole magnetic water is mainly used for treating internal infections, such as urinary infections or ulcers, as well as external infections (eczemas), while the bipolar magnetic water is good for curing indigestion and problems of the urinary apparatus.

Magnetic water is one of the simplest treatments which can be done in order to get rid of the diseases which are troubling you so much. Combine it with other magnetic appliances for a healthy and happy life!

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