What 88% of Women Prefer in the Bedroom


What 88% of Women Prefer in the Bedroom


How do men know if they are good in the bedroom?

It simply makes sense to give women the most outrageous bedroom experience possible. Give her uncontrollable pleasure and she will do just about ANYTHING to return the favor.

If you would like to have women begging, pleading and simply seducing you to make a return trip to the bedroom, here is exactly what you need to do.

Learn the fine art of using your tongue.


A man who can confidently and masterfully go down on a woman instantly elevates himself to *sex god* status because very, very few men do it really well.

Did you know these really interesting facts?

* 81 % of women reach orgasm from receiving oral sex
* 88% of married women surveyed prefer cunnilingus as their preferred lovemaking act
* The clitoris has 8000 nerve endings which are best electrified by the mouth (thrusting gives little pleasure by comparison)
* Women say that less than 20% of their partners were “excellent” in giving oral satisfaction.

Here is a good tip on how to know how good you really are with giving oral. If the next time you are making love she doesn’t shove your head down there or beg you to “do what you did last time” then you really need to up your tongue game.

Don’t risk another night of disappointment for her (most likely she’ll fake her enjoyment once again). Become the oral lover most women only fantasize about.

You know the difference between the 20% of men who excel at this and those who don’t? The 80% think they can figure it out all on their own. Be the top 20% who read these tips on oral success. CLICK on the link below to learn more.