Weight Loss Unlocked – The Paleo Woman’s Solution


Weight Loss Unlocked – The Paleo Woman’s Solution



Weight Loss Unlocked – The Paleo Woman’s Solution is the only program of it’s kind. It uses the super smart science of the paleo-diet… but then makes it even better for women. “Paleo” almost has it right — it’s right about which foods are toxic and which are nutritional powerhouses. It’s right that the most important part of weight-loss is healing your body’s metabolism from the inside out. But it falls short for females. It fails them.

It takes paleo a step further. It makes eating better for women than it ever was. It does this amazing thing called “hormone leveraging”… it makes your hormones work for you. It takes paleo way beyond “normal paleo” and makes it powerfully healing, sexifying, fat-burning, and generally awesome for women.

You can leverage your own hormones. You can eat the foods that you love, and even dessert! You can overcome insane food cravings. And you can increase your energy and drive your partner crazy with a more robust libido, can clear your skin, can overcome health issues… probably even get off of expensive medications you’ve been on for years and years.

And you will DEFINITELY be able to stop spending money on weight-loss books and gimmicks and meal plans, for good. You won’t have to waste your time or your money on doctor’s visits or expensive procedures. This is a long-term plan that works permanently. Imagine never having to spend a dime on a “fat” wardrobe… or worry about having “fat” and “skinny” clothes for the rest of your life! Imagine how free you could feel. Imagine being free to be more confident, free to go out with friends and on dates, and free to be happy just as yourself!

Weight Loss Unlocked – The Paleo Woman’s Solution has special effects on female bodies.

It is the only weight-loss program out there that’s specifically designed to make weight-loss easy for women! It’s the only program that leverages your hormones to work for you. Here’s some awesome things it does for the body that naturally makes it burn fat… all without effort from you!

Sit back and relax as your body:

  • Heals and accelerates metabolism
  • Speeds up the thyroid gland
  • Reduces inflammation, the underlying cause of most major health problems
  • Decreases your risk for life-threatening diseases like diabetes and heart disease
  • Heals estrogen and progesterone levels to help speed up rather than prevent weight-loss
  • Optimizes pituitary gland function
  • Minimizes damage to the metabolism from stressed out adrenal glands
  • Boosts liver health and promotes detox (and healthy skin!)
  • Reduces food cravings
  • Replenishes nutrient stores and heals organs
  • Reignites a robust sex drive
  • Loses fat naturally and effortlessly

In Weight Loss Unlocked – The Paleo Woman’s Solution, you’ll finally learn the truth about

  • How counting calories actually makes you gain weight
  • Which foods have estrogen in them, and what to do about it
  • Why it might be a good idea to eat soy for weight loss for some women, but definitely not for others (and which one you are!)
  • Which varieties of birth control cause weight gain
  • How to avoid weight gain caused by birth control
  • How changing the way you you eat throughout your menstrual cycle can help you lose weight
  • Five specific steps you can take to reduce food cravings immediately
  • How much protein you should be eating
  • The real truth on whether a low carbohydrate diet is actually good for you
  • The final decision on whether a low fat or a low carb diet is better for weight loss

Weight-loss doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. It doesn’t have to be a fight against yourself. It can be healthy. It can be good. It can be relatively effortless. It can even be happy.

You can experience weight-loss while eating the foods you love, while feeling satisfied and happy with your meals, and while throwing your diet pills out the window. You can lose-weight without obsessing over it, and you can keep it off. You can lose-weight without wasting money on expensive prescriptions, diet pills, supplements, or meal plans. You can lose-weight without restricting, punishing, or hating yourself. Its unique hormone leveraging practices are designed specifically to make your weight-loss journey as healthy and effortless as possible. Welcome to the promised land! You no longer have to feel so confused, frustrated, angry and alone. You can relax. Let the new science, and the hormone-leveraging weight-loss plan do the work for you.

“Weight Loss Unlocked – The Paleo Woman’s Solution” isn’t a gimmick. It isn’t a miracle. You won’t be as skinny as a beanpole tomorrow. You won’t lose 50 pounds in a month. But it is the real deal.. It’s long-term. It’s real change for your life.It’s healthy and steady weight-loss. It’s a way of eating and living that will help prevent you from ever hating your body again.

Imagine all the amazing things you could feel and do if you no longer had to spend precious mental energy worrying about the way that you look. You could maybe do more at work. You could find new hobbies. You could help your friends and family find their way to greater health. Or you could open your heart up to feel more love! You could write poetry! You can literally do anything with your extra time, money, and mental energy. Don’t short-change yourself. You deserve the amazing benefits of greater health and weight-loss, starting right now.

You can put a stop to the weight-loss madness. You can get so much of your life back. You can spare yourself the frustration and agony you’ve experienced so many times before. Say yes to yourself and get excited about starting right now… because today is the first day of the rest of your awesome life!

This is what you get in Weight Loss Unlocked – The Paleo Woman’s Solution:

In the book, you’ll discover:

  • The four toxic foods that are preventing you from losing-weight
  • Which varieties of the birth control pill cause weight-gain
  • The three special nutrients you need to support rapid fat burning
  • Which specific kinds of carbohydrates are better for weight-loss
  • How hormones make 95% of women on diets gain all their-weight back

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