Volleyball Training Program: Strength & Speed Conditioning


volleybal-training-program-headerVolleyball Training Program: Strength & Speed Conditioning


There’s no need to spend $60.00 an hour on a strength coach that doesn’t have the secrets to improving your strength and power for volleyball…”

How would you like to shock your coach and teammates with incredible court speed and superior athletic strength and power?

Here are a few things you’ll achieve…

  • Increase your jump for spiking and blocking
  • Increase your strength and power for spiking harder
  • Increase setter quickness and stability for getting in position
  • Increase serving power and consistency
  • Increase first step quickness for making defense easier

Learning how to workout can be very fun and exciting, especially when your increased strength and mobility allows you to make outstanding plays seem effortless.

However, the direction you head at the outset is very important. You don’t want to be doing the wrong exercises, wasting your time, and possibly injuring yourself.

How would you like to improve your vertical jump 4 to 7 inches in the next 12 weeks?

Even if you’re an advanced player…

…and even if you have no clue about it…

How about stunning your coach and shocking your teammates with mind-boggling court speed and superior athletic strength and power?

Introducing… Volleyball Training Program: Strength & Speed Conditioning

volleybal-training-program-cover You can become a STRONGER, more ATHLETIC player that dominates your competition regardless of your current AGE or SKILL level.

This systematically takes you through each phase and RECONSTRUCTS your athletic body from the ground up to MAXIMIZE it.

This TOTALLY TARGETED to the intermediate to advanced volleyball player who is ready to explode their vertical to new heights DEMOLISHING plateaus and achieving astonishing strength, mobility, speed, and explosive first step quickness previously thought unattainable.

It’s going to unleash electrifying speed quickly adding inches to your jump…

So here’s what you’re going to do when you’re on the Volleyball Training Program: Strength & Speed Conditioning

  • You’ll do exercises that focus like LASERBEAMS on volleyball shoulder strength preventing injuries and increase hitting power.
  • You’ll master CUTTING-EDGE techniques that work the scapula stabilizers… the key muscles to developing healthy shoulders.
  • You’ll do shoulder strengthening techniques that DRASTICALLY improve hitting power.
  • You’ll do ankle, knee, and hip triple extension movements developing the right kind of leg and explosive power to fly high.
  • You’ll perform the right lower body exercises important for improving athletic leg.
  • You’ll perform single leg techniques critical for improving it and jumping power.
  • You’ll improve first step quickness and stability that is so important for getting in position to make plays.
  • You’ll develop hamstring and deceleration so many players LACK and is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL to help prevent ACL and other related knee injuries.
  • You’ll perform powerful plyometric techniques and IMPERATIVE fast feet movements that all players must learn.
  • You’ll perform POWERFUL HIP EXTENSION techniques that’s so critical to jumping high and hitting hard.
  • You’ll work to activate KEY muscle groups and FINE TUNE movement patterns that get your muscles firing in the right order at the right time to get maximum gains in performance.
  • You’ll developing the core’s POWER HOUSE.
  • You’ll increase your speed, quickness, and vertical jump INSTANTLY by working out these POWER ACTIVATION muscles to work right and get your body firing on all cylinders.
  • You’ll work your neurological system WAKING UP SLEEPING MUSCLES and working out your body to approach faster and jump higher.
  • You’ll perform techniques that teach you to ROCKET energy through your body allowing you to take a strong approach, BLAST OFF the ground, and EXECUTE a powerful spike.
  • You’ll use the RIGHT strategy for correct ordering of exercises the right muscle groups, at the right intensity, at the right time.
  • You’ll use the correct method structure for ENHANCING energy the RIGHT WAY making massive gains and explosive power.
  • You’ll work the correct set rep scheme and manipulate design components such as sets, reps, intensity, and volume to MAXIMIZE your results.
  • You’ll have a BLAST using exercise techniques you’ve never done before which helps avoid staleness and overtraining, encouraging continuous improvement.
  • You’ll go through cycles CRITICAL to getting the results you want.

You’ll be using highly-targeted, strategic changes in techniques constantly keeping your body off balance to achieve EXTREMELY RAPID RESULTS.

Let’s face it… anyone can start mixing things around in their workout without any regard to how one thing affects another. This method involves INTELLIGENT change to get maximum results.

EVERY SINGLE DAY is laid out for you from sets to reps to exercises and as well as techniques and rest periods. You will have NO DOUBT how to train to get the best results possible.

How about equipment?

Do I need to have a gym full of equipment?

To be honest, all you need to really get the most out of this course are dumbells, resistance bands, a balance ball, and a medicine ball.

There’s NOTHING in this course that requires fancy equipment. In fact, the bodyweight exercises are the most important part. It’s HOW you do these specific movement patterns that really makes the difference.

When you’re doing the Volleyball Training Program: Strength & Speed Conditioning, you’re not randomly firing out sets here and there. EVERY REP of EVERY SET has a specific purpose and that purpose is preparing you to develop STRENGTH and EXPLOSIVE POWER.

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Volleyball Training Program: Strength & Speed Conditioning