Virtual Viewing: Your Natural Intelligence & Hidden Super Powers


Virtual Viewing: Your Natural Intelligence & Hidden Super Powers


Astonishing “Insider” Secrets To Get Direct Access to Your Natural Intelligence and Hidden Super Powers. Break Through Your Limitations To Achieve Unlimited Mental and Intuitive Insight.

Does It Really Work? Is It A Scam?

This was the top-secret “Black Ops” program developed by the Defense Intelligence Agency in the 1970’s to create a cadre of psychic spies for the military. It was classified “Top Secret.”

The American military community and intelligence services wanted a way for anyone, especially ordinary people, to be able to tap into their minds and get access to “distant” information in foreign countries and the like. Now we’re told it was used by our government for more than 20 years. A little over ten years ago, the program was declassified and the protocols revealed to the public. But did it really work?

Mental Mind Magic

The truth is, you can do this too. You just have to know the special secrets of resonance nobody ever wanted you to know about. Not your teachers, parents, authority figures or any else.

Extensive research shows that almost everyone has some degree of remote viewing ability. So, yes, YOU TOO CAN DO THIS. Extensive statistical research commissioned by the U.S. Congress, showed that remote viewing gets at least eight-percent more information than is explainable by chance. Wow! That’s like having a permanent, built-in advantage and ability to get more information in any situation, any time you want it.

Look. It’s simple. This system is based on carefully tested and researched military techniques.

The Virtual Viewing: Your Natural Intelligence & Hidden Super Powers online class is VERY different and VERY powerful. If you’re not ready for a real challenge, this is not for you.

This will be one of the greatest mental challenges you’ve ever experienced. And you’ll get HUGE benefits out of it and tremendous personal insight. Period. So if you are ready to turbocharge your personal growth and self-understanding this is your chance! It’s like an aerobic workout for your mind that will get your perception and access to your subconscious mind as fit as a fiddle.

Do You Want To Tap Into Your Full Potential?

You probably don’t think you can do this. But recent studies have shown that our subconscious minds store a lot more information than is available to our conscious minds, on the order of 1,000,000 to 1! Wouldn’t it be great if you could access all this “hidden information” that’s lodged somewhere in your mind.

Well, now you can. Easily, spontaneously, and naturally.


Sharpen Your Intuition, Learn to Trust Your “Gut Feelings”

Your biggest benefit from this online class will be increased communications with your subconscious mind resulting in more holistic thinking and better decision-making. You’ll know more about other people and new situations by learning to trust your gut feelings. You’ll make more money by making better business decisions. You’ll have a sense of what’s “coming down the road” before it even gets to you. (And when it comes to unleashing your creativity, this stuff is pure gold.)

You’ll learn so much about yourself every time you do one of these sessions together, you won’t believe it. You’ll feel invigorated, refreshed, and renewed every time. You’ll feel alive again. Because you are using all of your senses!

Like “Rocket Fuel” for Your Creativity

Virtual Viewing: Your Natural Intelligence & Hidden Super Powers is like rocket fuel for your voyage into the world of greater intelligence, deeper creativity, and sheer brain power.

You’ll start off with the basic video and audio learning sequence. You’ll learn how to move your awareness around in space and time, with no limits, “visiting” and sensing anywhere you like! It’s like having your own private spaceship, letting you travel where you wish at a moment’s notice.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of enhanced intuition and more spontaneous decision making. Plus, if you go on to more advanced levels, you’ll get to go where few have gone before. It will feel like being an Intergalactic Ambassador.

Here’s what you’ll discover in Virtual Viewing: Your Natural Intelligence & Hidden Super Powers:

  • 8 How to easily and naturally tap into the quantum matrix with your “Super Mind”!
  • 7 How to activate your hidden senses and natural powers of insight and intuition
  • 6 How to view, sense, and accurately describe distant people, places, and events–for real!
  • 5 How to benefit from your new-found sensory skills in your personal life and work
  • 4 Special tips from the best military viewers!
  • 3 “See” past and future events, distant planets and civilizations, UFOs, and unsolved mysteries!
  • 3 Learn how to use it to sharpen your senses and improve your decision-making skills!
  • 3 Learn how to move around in space and time, simply using the power of thought and resonance
  • 3 Sharpen your “situational awareness” to protect yourself in dangerous environments
  • 3 How to tap into the full power of your creativity and intuition
  • 3 Dramatically improve your ability to sense and understand other peoples’ “body language”
  • 3 Learn how ambiguous and chaotic situations can work to your advantage

Experience the Awesome Power of “Whole-Brain Thinking”

You’ll have much more awareness, sensitivity, and depth of perception than you ever had before. Your “vision” will be clearer. You’ll “know more” without evening knowing how. It will be like activating a whole, new “mind” that you never new you had!!!

Go On Your Own Cosmic Voyage

The secret to it is called “non-local awareness,” and everybody has it! All it takes is a little practice to discover your hidden, inner abilities. And soon you can be viewing anything, anywhere whether it’s in your immediate location or on the other side of Mars or the Milky Way. (In fact, research has shown that the process gets more accurate the farther you are from the target source.)

Secrets THEY Don’t Want You Know

One of the main challenges of the process is how to know the difference between the psychic signal and mental noise. That is, the REAL signal from the matrix and your own mental chatter. In this course, you’ll learn how to recognize the tell-tale signatures of each and how to let go of mental noise and free your mind to perceive the true signal source.

After a while, you’ll be your own “psychic detective” knowing how to tell the difference between real signals and your own imagination. And it gets better from there.

Experience the Natural Magic of Resonance

There is no other way to put it: the process can feel like magic. Maybe it is. You are capable of drawing and describing pictures, locations, and people you have never seen before. The information almost emerges mysteriously, as if you had a hidden genius in your mind, just waiting to serve you.

You’ll really discover just how truly intelligent you really are. You’ll begin to feel like a finely-tuned car. Can you really afford not to be running on all cylinders? Take action now and activate your natural superpowers.

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Virtual Viewing: Your Natural Intelligence & Hidden Super Powers