Video Game Godfather: How to Start a Videogame Business Online


Video Game Godfather: How to Start a Videogame Business Online


Video game sellers are thriving because videogames are one of the very few items that people tend to spend more money on during slow economic times because it is cheaper than “out-of-the home” entertainment alternatives.

These days, more and more people crave them. In fact, the gaming industry has matured into a $68 billion dollar per year industry. The demand for the products like XBox One, Nintendo Wii-U, and Sony PS4 is actually higher than the demand for Hollywood! What’s more, is that the gaming industry is still growing.

Besides the great money, the best thing about it is how entirely simple it is. You don’t need any special training, education, knowledge of programming or websites. You don’t even need to know anything about them, but it’s always nice if you enjoy them.

Once you start, it will only require between five to ten hours of work per week.

Imagine starting an online store and within just a short time having bragging rights to six figure monthly sales.

What would it be like to be able to buy the things you want and need without worrying about having enough left over?

You will be up and running in just a couple of days and start within three minutes from right now – with no second guessing yourself.

This is a copy and paste formula that has proven itself over and over again and is responsible for the success of some of the biggest websites on the internet today.

You will be giving yourself the best knowledge available anywhere to thrive in the booming yet competitive industry. This is not some get rich quick scheme and it is not like anything you have ever seen before anywhere else.

Introducing… Video Game Godfather: How to Start a Videogame Business Online


In Video Game Godfather: How to Start a Videogame Business Online, you’ll learn:

  • How to sell your products online without losing your ass to the competition. Buy cheaper, sell cheaper and spend less in advertising. Even get competitors to pay YOU!
  • How to start your own website even with absolutely no knowledge of building a site. Be up and running in a day or two.
  • How to automate large volume selling on eBay and other online marketplaces. It doesn’t get any simpler than this.
  • Right now, there are sellers making millions per year using these same tricks you will never learn reading their help pages. This alone is easily worth thousands!
  • How to spot niche and sub-niche items and categories. Know what will be hot long before the competition.
  • Step by Step guide from start to sick profits. Get your business up and running in a day or two. Simple enough for a third grader to implement.
  • How to get your games in stock and not have to pay a dime upfront without dropshipping.
  • How to make 1000% markups on some items and still undercut all the big stores you’ve heard of!
  • How to start your business today, with no inventory to buy. Verified and tested dropshipping sources revealed carrying the hottest products in the industry!
  • Proper marketing techniques. Immediately drive amazing levels of qualified BUYERS to your site!
  • How to keep your customers coming back over and over again spending more each time.
  • How to spot nosey competitors posing as customers and stop them dead in their tracks.
  • How to get your cash flowing in quickly while avoiding costly mistakes.
  • How to negotiate the best prices with your suppliers without being gouged into buying large minimum order quantities.
  • How to buy brand new factory sealed videogames for as low as $1.90
  • How to be quickly approved for all major credit cards to accept payments from your customers even if you have bad credit
  • How to get below wholesale prices. You can buy inventory at a price that other sellers will be interested in buying from you.
  • Get better wholesale prices than the big chain stores from their own suppliers!
  • World’s best list of quality, reliable and tested videogame dropshippers and wholesale suppliers!
  • The three steps to start your business. All can be done in one day! Start making money tomorrow!

You must now choose whether you are going to become the next “Video Game Godfather” and join the ranks of the elite gurus, or if you will stumble around with the rest of the ‘sheep’ for a few years only to fizzle out or if you are extremely lucky, become “comfortable”. Unfortunately, in this competitive business, the odds are not in your favor unless you have a solid advantage on your side.

This is a look under the hood that you will never get the chance to see again. The true nuts and bolts of the online video game industry!

This is no doubt, this is the BEST INVESTMENT you will EVER make in your business.

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Video Game Godfather: How to Start a Videogame Business Online