Urinate Now – Cures Shy Bladder in Just 1 Week


Introducing… “Urinate Now – Cures Shy Bladder in Just 1 Week”



It’s A Quick Read, And It Will Cure Your Shy Bladder In A Week, Guaranteed.

The best part about Cognitive Metacoding — the method use to cure your shy bladder — is that it’s so easy.

Cognitive Metacoding is based around how the brain naturally thinks and operates. Think about it. Why try to fight against your brain when you can work with it?

Once you’ve trained your brain in this specific way you’ll discover in Urinate Now, you can use it whenever, wherever … anytime you need it.

The secret is that, you stop focusing on the fact that other people are there, and you start focusing on what makes you pee.

You’ll learn exactly what I mean when you flip open the book…

Here’s What’s Inside…

Curing shy bladder has never been so easy, so it’s no wonder Urinate Now is quickly becoming the most popular treatment available online.

You’ve probably seen the ads, the testimonials, the results …

Well, once you flip it open for yourself, you’ll discover …

+ The 7 Day Step-By-Step Plan to cure my own shy bladder. This has worked for hundreds of people across the country, and it will work for you.
+ Discover The #1 Most Important Thing You Must Do First If You Want To Cure Your Shy Bladder. This is why most people NEVER cure it … and continue to struggle with the wrong solutions.
+ The psychological reason why “tricks” like “running the faucet” works to get some people to urinate … and how to master this principle to have it be 10x more effective.
+ A huge toolbox of resources you can use at ANY time to get yourself to pee — even if everything else fails. All of these tools are battle-tested and have worked wonders with shy bladder sufferers before.
+ This one easy mental trick can get you out of any high pressure situation in the rest room. that would otherwise cause extreme anxiety. Just take 10 seconds, and with this trick you’ll “go” like a natural.
+ How to make your cure last a lifetime. All you have to do is spend just 7 days, you’ll cure your shy bladder, and get on with your life.
+ An extremely powerful technique called Rapid Personal Therapy that will resolve your nervousness and anxiety that’s built up for years and help bring you peace and calm at last. This isn’t your standard “feel good” exercises. It’s specifically designed for shy bladder sufferers.
+ 4 Essential Truths You Need To Know About Curing Shy Bladder.
+ How a psychological study about picking up $20 dollar bills off the ground may be a breakthrough in your shy bladder battle…
+ What to do if all else fails… an emergency tactic that’s so good, you’ll NEVER have to worry about nightmare what-if scenarios again.
+ What exactly Cognitive Metacoding is, and why it’s the best method currently available for curing shy bladder quickly.
+ Some pretty wacky things you can do that deliver REAL results when it comes to urinating. (Approach this with an open mind, please!)
+ How you can change how you feel about the rest room. INSTANTLY — from anxiety to confidence. You just have to ________ (Try to guess. And no, it doesn’t involve medication.)
+ How to use a fundamental truth about how your brain works to YOUR ADVANTAGE. The Urinate Now program works with your personality, it doesn’t try to change it.
+ What you may actually be doing right when you step up to the toilet — no matter how bad it seems — (and how to do more of it.)
+ Real advice from real people who cured their shy bladders.
+ No tangents. No fluff or padding. No B.S. or fake claims. No promoting other products or supplements. Just one powerful system to cure your shy bladder.

…And that’s just the beginning!


Urinate Now – Cures Shy Bladder in Just 1 Week