UnGuardable – High School Basketball Point Guard Training Videos


UnGuardable – High School Basketball Point Guard Training Videos


To: Serious Point Guards and Shooting Guards Ages 14- 18 Who Want To Become All-Conference, All-state, or All-American

If You’re Only Working On Your Skills, You’re only 1/2 the Player you could Be!

If you think that your shooting ability alone is going to get you a scholarship…

If you think that because you have great handles you can run the show at the high school or college level…

If you want to make the cut so you can play varsity or college ball…

We’ll tell you the BIGGEST Lie that old school coaches tell you…

The reality is that SKILLS ALONE AREN’T ENOUGH to play college basketball. Gone are the days when good shooting skills or good ball-handling skills will help get the attention of college coaches. The players who get the most attention are the best athletes: the quickest, fastest, most explosive players DOMINATE today’s fast-paced, physical game.

The game of basketball has changed immensely in the last 10,20, or 30 years.

If you talk to your dad or your coach they’ll tell you that back when they played the game of high school basketball was different. It was played at a much slower pace; less bumping and pushing, more passing and shooting, and a whole lot less SPEED. 20 years ago you could dominate a game if you were skilled.

Back then if you “worked out” a couple times a week and played pick-up you had a chance to play college sports. But today’s game is VASTLY different from the one your coach or dad most likely played. Today’s game is completely different because of one thing: ATHLETICISM!

Today’s high school and college athletes are so strong, so fast, and so quick that any average athlete will simply be left on the bench. Compare the pictures of a college basketball player from 1985 and 2012. It’s like night and day. You can’t compete in today’s game of high school basketball unless you train like the elite high school players train. How do they train?


If you want to be as FAST as John Wall…

If you want to be as AGILE as Derrick Rose…

If you want to be STRONG like Chris Paul…

You can’t simply practice your shooting, passing, or ball-handling…

You must train the other 1/2 of your game!

Would you start the game and only play 2 quarters or 1 half of the game?

How about only counting 1/2 of your baskets you make?

If you’ve only been doing ball handling drills, shooting, and passing drills and thinking that you can get by with skill alone, you’re gonna be relying on luck alone! Why risk it?

The average guard will simply search the internet for free tips or training programs. If you want to rely on free training tips you’re gonna be riding the bench. No training program worth anything is going to be 100% free.

Many guards will also rely on the help of a regular personal trainer. If you think that a trainer at your local gym who trains Average Joes and fat loss people is going to help you become the best basketball player, you’re kidding yourself.

Would you go to a back surgeon if you had heart problems? They’re both doctors right…

Then why would you go to a generic trainer at a local gym then?

This system will get you where you want to be!”

Every successful division 1 program in the country puts an emphasis on proper training to enhance their athletes performance.

“To succeed at the next it level takes more than just talent.

The higher up the ladder you climb, the bigger, more athletic, and better conditioned the competition. Gone are the days that a cookie cutter program of bench press and dumbbell curls are enough to elevate a players game.

If you aren’t serious about training, you will fall behind quickly.

The key to athletic development is working with a talented and experienced Performance Coach, and Shelby Turcotte is just that person.

An expert in every sense of the word, he is a very knowledgeable Performance Coach and any athlete would be helping themselves tremendously to work with him.

The reality is if you’re working daily on basketball skills (shooting, passing, dribbling) but not training properly, you are only 50% of the player you SHOULD BE!

20 years ago players could dominate the high school level and play at the college level simply because they possessed a high level of skill. BUT in today’s game you are going to be sitting the bench, or even worse, getting cut from the team simply because you can’t compete with the speed and quickness of today’s guards!

How do you develop D-Rose Agility, Chris Paul Strength, and John Wall Speed?

By using 1 simply training system.

The UnGuardable Basketball Training System is an all-inclusive performance training system that is specifically designed to improve high school guard-playin just 12 short weeks. The 12 weeks are further broken down into 3 manuals (or phase). Each manual is a separate phase that lasts 4 weeks in length. Each phase is further broken down into workouts specifically designed to address speed, quickness, jumping, strength, core work, etc. In total there are more than 3 hours of video explanation for every single drill or exercise used in this program. It’s like having a personal trainer available to you at all times!

What You Can Expect From The UnGuardable Training System?

  • Get access to the #1 speed drill to get you break away speed in the open floor…just like John Wall.
  • Learn the secret technique that allows D-Rose to stop on a dime and be the agile player on the court EVERY game.
  • Learn why running 2 miles is actually making you SLOWER…and what to do about it
  • Find out why training like a bodybuilder isn’t going make you a better basketball player
  • Discover what 3 stretches that actually make you jump higher
  • Learn why doing crunches is actually lowering your vertical
  • See the only technique you’ll ever need to develop an unstoppable first step, leave your defenders in the dust!
  • The only 3 drills guaranteed to improve your vertical at least 8″!
  • Find out why normal plyometric programs actually may be costing you between 6-12″

The UnGuardable Training System is the ONLY training program available specifically for guards.

Guards MUST be trained specifically for the position.

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UnGuardable – High School Basketball Point Guard Training Videos