Ultimate Swimming Pool Guide – Swimming Pool Maintenance Guide




Ultimate Swimming Pool Guide – Swimming Pool Maintenance Guide


If you’re tired, frustrated and you’ve “had it” with your swimming pool…don’t throw in the towel! Read every word of this page as if it were your last meal. Although your life doesn’t depend on it, your wallet and your sanity do…

Swimming pool maintenance can be difficult to understand without having the right education and information.

But you don’t have to be a chemist or rocket scientist to maintain your pool and it shouldn’t take hours to keep you’re swimming pool sparkling.


You’ll learn:

+ Understanding your pool equipment. What does each component do and why is each particular component so important?
+ Get a grip on the most important aspect of your swimming pool – Water Flow.
+ The 7 sins that nearly every pool owner makes (costing them hundreds of dollars) and how you can avoid making these costly errors.
+ How to maintain every aspect of your pool by taking less than 5 minutes per week and actually get more accomplished than you do now!
+ How to literally add years to the life of your pool by doing 3 simple things!
+ How to maintain a pool that sparkles like a 3 carat diamond in the sun by spending less than $11.00 per month on chemicals.
+ A simple, proven way to save 30-50% on EVERY chemical and piece of equipment that you will EVER purchase for your pool.
+ How to understand water chemistry WITHOUT being a chemical engineer!
+ How to save $$$ (big money) every single month and actually have a pool that sparkles more than it did before!
+ How to maintain a perfect balance of water chemistry that leaves you feeling vitalized and rejuvenated every time you exit your swimming pool.
+ 3 pool supplements that are promoted by several of the largest swimming pool chemical manufacturing companies in the world that can leave your skin itching for days (it could save your life by staying away from these chemicals).
+ Understanding alternative sanitizers – what they are and how they work.
+ Why you should fire your pool guy today… tell them “Your services are no longer needed!”
+ Find out how to remove swimming pool stains.
+ How To Turn A Green Pool Crystal Clear In Just A Few Short Days.
+ Unlimited access to my private “secret vault” – plumb full of swimming pool tips, tricks and money saving ideas you can start using right away!
+ Over 160 juicy, money saving pages that you can dive into and start enjoying immediately!
+ Advanced chemistry techniques (and the basics too).

This guide literally contains countless tricks and swimming pool tips, bundles of money saving ideas and so many time saving techniques that you’ll be clicking your heels twice…only this time, you’ll be taking gobbles and gobbles of your hard earned money right down to the bank.

How Much Is This Incredible, Money Saving Machine Worth?

This guide contains information that is worth literally thousands and thousands of dollars. By using the money and time saving tricks and techniques there’s NO way someone can’t save bundles of money. It just CAN NOT happen.

Let’s also assume that you keep your home for the next 4 years. That’s a savings of nearly $3,000.00… three thousand dollars! Also, keep in mind this is assuming that your pool equipment never breaks or malfunctions. This guide will show you how to save 30-50% on every piece of equipment you ever buy for your pool for the rest of your life! Do something good with all the money you save as a result of using this information.


“The World’s First, Most Simple And Comprehensive Pool Guide That Can Show Anyone How To Be “The Swimming Pool Maintenance Expert” In Less Than 5 Minutes Per Week … Guaranteed”

This guide is literally your pathway to freedom. Here is just a short list of things that you’ll NEVER EVER have to worry about doing again… EVER!

– Pick up your phone book to call a swimming pool maintenance or repair technician.
– Paying full retail price for chemicals or pool equipment.
– Experiencing dry or itchy skin after a swim .
– Writing a check to a swimming pool service company.
– Worry about the safety of your children or yourself due to chemical imbalances.

National Statistics State That Pool Owners Hire A Service Company For 2 Primary Reasons…

The homeowner simply doesn’t have the time to meet the needs of their pool

They don’t have the knowledge to do it themselves

Both of these reasons are extremely valid and honest to hire someone to maintain your swimming pool. This comprehensive guide was specifically designed to meet the needs of these 2 items. With the proper knowledge a pool can be maintained by utilizing less than 5 minutes per week…without cutting any corners!

As a matter of fact, by using the methods outlined in this guide you’ll actually do a better job and increase the life of your swimming pool surface and your equipment. This guide breaks everything down to a systematic approach that walks you through the process of your pool maintenance and balancing your water and turns it into a system that anyone with a heartbeat can comprehend.