Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program


ultimate-mma-headerUltimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program


Introducing… The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program


The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program outlines in an easy-to-follow format everything you need to never have to worry about your-conditioning again, including:

  • How to develop explosive one punch knockout power with a simple tool and the exact exercises, reps, sets and rest times to follow
  • A simple and powerful method of tracking your workouts – use this method and you’re guaranteed to consistently get stronger, more fit, and more feared by your opponents and training partners.
  • All the background science and theory behind the development of the system for those of you who think it’s important to understand WHY you’re doing what you’re doing
  • And most importantly, exactly what to do, how to do it, and when – choose between an 8, 12 and 16 week training template to follow that outlines everything including: intervals, cardio, bodyweight circuits, medicine ball training, weight training, core, NRG System Complexes and more, with exact reps, sets, rest periods and every detail you need to reach your physical potential

Here’s a summary of everything you’re getting:


The MASTER MANUAL reveals the science and secrets behind this system that allows you to spend less time in the gym but gives you better and faster results. Results like increased strength, power and cardio. To see the Table of Contents listing all of the sections in this info-packed 99 page manual, click the image below:


The TRAINING GUIDE includes the following:

  • 8, 12 and 16 week Periodized Training Calendars – choose one of these templates depending on when your upcoming fight is (if you have no fight, choose the 16 week calendar your first round through and the 12 week calendar after that).
  • Closely Guarded 5 Phase Resistance Training Blueprint – each of these 5 phases builds upon the previous one so you continue making gains and never hit a plateau.
  • The Warmup – there are 5 components to the optimal warmup and you’ll learn exactly how to perform each of these components to get not only your body primed for your workout, but also to fire up your nervous system so you have the best workouts of your life.
  • Printable Resistance Training Worksheets – these worksheets show you every exercise, rep, set and rest period with space for you to track your progress.
  • Progressive Interval Training Methods – you’ll see exactly to perform the 3 interval training methods to develop endless cardio… and how to progress them workout-to-workout for maximum results.
  • 2 of my Patented NRG System Complexes – once you reach the Power Phase you’ll feel like an animal after only 2 weeks of these truly revolutionary MMA-conditioning routines. Finally, you’ll be able to go the distance with complete confidence in your-conditioning.


You’ll get over 90 minutes of high quality, detailed instructional videos for EVERY EXERCISE. You’ll learn exactly how to perform each and every exercise in the system.


While the videos give much more detail and you can see the exercise being performed properly, the PDF manual is handy as a quick reference guide.

Inside this guide you’ll get detailed instructions for the over 75 exercises included in the warmup and the 5 distinct phases of training that make up the Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program.


You’re getting a ton of info with this course.

There are a lot of videos.

There is a 1 page checklist together to make sure you know exactly how to get started on the path to explosive power and endless cardio.

If you want to start on this system TODAY, read this checklist FIRST and you’ll know exactly what you have to do.

With this package, your getting over 16 weeks of programming that includes 9 distinct resistance training workouts, 2 NRG System Complexes, the Warmup, 2 medicine ball workouts, a post-workout flexibility routine and 3 different interval training protocols – everything you need to get in top fight shape.

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Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program