Ultimate Hockey Development Coaching Program


hockey-development-headerUltimate Hockey Development Coaching Program


Hockey development isn’t just about off-ice training; it’s not just about skill development. A comprehensive program addresses how to:

  • Prepare mentally and improve your mental toughness
  • Improve your skating and puckhandling skills
  • Improve your strength, speed, and conditioning through hockey-specific training
  • Avoid career-threatening injuries
  • Approach scouts and coaches at the next level

Introducing… Ultimate Hockey Development Coaching Program


With the Ultimate Hockey Development Coaching Program, you can now benefit from over 150 years of collective experience that these experts bring to the table:

Brijesh Patel: Developing Mental Toughness and a Success Mentality

  • Mental Toughness: Why it’s the secret to a winning season and successful career
  • Winning: Strategies to develop the mental toughness of a champion
  • Creating a winning training environment
  • Off-season vs. in-season differences in mental training emphasis
  • Tips for players to develop mental toughness outside of a team setting

Jim Snider: Speed Training

  • Multi-dimensional speed training: How everything in your program affects your speed
  • Do players need to spend time working on sprint technique
  • How far and how many: The distances and sprint volume you need to improve your speed
  • Sprinting: Uphill vs. flat ground
  • Acceleration work starting progressions
  • Resistance training for improving skating speed

Eric Cressey: Developing Maximal Strength and Rotational Power

  • The importance of developing maximal strength
  • How strong is strong enough? Will increasing your bench press another 20 lbs make you a better player?
  • Soft-tissue techniques to improve the quality of your hip musculature and decrease your injury risk
  • Why doing wrist curls to improve your shot power is moronic
  • Essential exercises for developing rotational power
  • Medicine Ball Throws vs. Olympic Lifts
  • Unbalanced programming to restore balance in your body

Kim McCullough: Improving Focus and Confidence and Female Training

Males vs. females: Should they train differently?
The importance of strength training for female players
Improving your focus and confidence, on and off the ice
Major injury concerns for female players and how to avoid them
The most overlooked aspect in speed training

Dr. Jeff Cubos: Avoiding Injuries

  • The #1 injury in men’s and women’s hockey and the long-term implications no one is talking about
  • Preventing the injury that can end your career
  • Pain vs. healing: How returning too quick can put you right back in the stands
  • Assessments that you can use to identify performance limitations and injury risk factors
  • How to minimize your risk of hip flexor and groin strains and what to do if you do suffer one of these injuries
  • How to minimize your risk of suffering a hip labral tear and sports hernia

Chris Boyko: Dissecting Year-Round Training Programs

  • Training at the NCAA Division I level
  • Training differences between the pre-season, in-season, and off-season
  • Do players need to condition in-season
  • Avoiding common hockey injuries
  • Fatal mistakes in most training programs
  • Preparing for the college level: what players need to know

Mark Cardillo: Multi-Dimensional Hockey Skill Development

  • Tips on how to read the play and see the ice better
  • Circus skills: Are skills like picking the puck up on your stick worth the dozens of practice hours it takes to learn them
  • A simple strategy to improve the quality of your one-on-one moves
  • Small area games: The secret to skill development?
  • The importance of giving players the freedom to try new things in games
  • Are team systems killing individual player development?
  • Three great tips players can use to become a better player

Brian St. Pierre: The Secrets of Nutrition and Supplementation

  • The meal: what every hockey player should have on their plate
  • The truth about eating fat
  • Are huge pasta dinners HURTING your performance?
  • Pre-practice and pre-game meals
  • What to take in after practices, games, and training sessions to help restore your energy and build muscle
  • Tournament nutrition
  • What every player should know about sports drinks
  • Essential supplements for players
  • The secret to adding muscle mass for lean players
  • Changing your diet: The first step

Mike Potenza: Hockey Assessments/Tests and Development Progressions

  • Important assessments and tests for players
  • Inter-player comparison or individual progress: How to use the results of assessments/tests
  • Conditioning: Effects of distance running and biking on performance
  • The top mistakes young players (and/or their parents and coaches) are making regarding their development
  • The right age for players to specialize in 1 sport
  • How old players should be before they start training seriously
  • Strategies to maximize recovery from practices, games, and training sessions

Joe Heiler: Functional Core Training and Back Pain Prevention

  • The true function of the core
  • Why no player should be doing crunches, sit-ups, or Russian twists
  • The reason so many players suffer from back pain
  • Training strategies to prevent back pain
  • What you NEED to know about fighting through injuries

Maria Mountain: Goalie-Specific Training Considerations

  • Unique demands of goalies
  • Should goalies be following a different program than players
  • Is more flexibility always better for goalies?
  • A systematic approach to flexibility training for goalies
  • Minimizing risk of common injuries in goalies
  • Exposing the myths about strength training for goalies
  • From spectator to animated defender: Goalie energy system demands

Nick Tumminello: Revealing the Myths of Sport-Specific Training

  • The truth about “hockey-specific” training
  • Reversing the damage: what every player should know about the hockey-related changes to their body
  • Rotary core training for improved shot power: What you need to know!
  • Off-season vs. in-season differences in rotary core training
  • Double-leg vs. single-leg lower body training
  • Integrated core exercises: Get more bang for your training buck
  • Is strength and conditioning the ultimate success secret?

You’ll also get INSTANT ACCESS to these invaluable bonus Coaching calls:

Jared Beach: Approaching The Next Level: Choosing your path, talking to scouts, and standing out

  • Prep school vs. Juniors: What’s the best next step for youth players?
  • The truth about repeating a year at prep school
  • How to pursue higher level coaches
  • The #1 reason elite level coaches will cross your name off their prospect list
  • How to stand out on the ice
  • The truth about off-season festival and select team tournaments

Bill Hartman: Addressing Stiffness and Movement Quality

  • Stiffness vs. shortness: What’s the difference
  • How to tell if a muscle is short or stiff
  • The truth about whether players should be performing typical static stretches
  • How the nature of stretching should change depending on whether a muscle is stiff or short
  • Precautions players can take to minimize deleterious posture changes and their associated effects on performance
  • The importance of building a solid foundation of quality movement before adding load or volume

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Ultimate Hockey Development Coaching Program