Types of Magnetic Treatment


Types of Magnetic Treatment


Magnetic treatment can be highly effective when used for treating different types of diseases. The magnets can make wonders when employed correctly. This is why it is highly important that you know as much information as possible about this technique before actually starting putting it into practice.

One of the essential things which should be known is order to be capable of obtaining proper results when using magnetic therapy is the fact that are two major types of therapy: local magnetic therapy and general magnetic therapy.

Local magnetic therapy presupposes the use of magnetic power on certain areas of the human body, usually the areas in which the patients feels the discomfort or the areas in which the disease is located. Both applications of the magnets are possible in case of the local treatment, which means that the treatment can be done either with one of the two magnets of South or North Pole or with both the South and North Poles at the same time. The most used appliances in the local magnetic therapy are high, medium and low strength magnets, premier pair of bipolar magnets, lumbar and cervical belts, magnetic necklaces and bracelets, knee caps and small magnetic buttons for application on acupuncture points.

General magnetic therapy is used in those cases when the disease in not located in a specific part of the body, but rather affects and it is spread in the entire body. Diseases like diabetes, urinary tract infections and systemic diseases are some examples of conditions which must be treated using this type of magnetic therapy. The general magnetic therapy involves placing the magnets on the soles and on the palms and leaving the energy trespass the entire body. The reason for which the magnets are placed on the soles and on the palms is that these parts of the body have direct connection with the brain, the heart and almost all the other organs, thus the energy gets much more easily where it is needed. In some general treatments, magnetic water is also used, so that the magnetic energy can penetrate the body even better.

So, before starting a treatment using the magnetic power, evaluate your disease and see if it is a local one or one which is spread in the entire body and according to the results of your evaluation choose the type of magnetic therapy which works better for you.

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