Tropical Fish Secrets Care Guide


Tropical Fish Secrets Care Guide



Discover how easy it is to have a captivating, stunning aquarium full of vibrant, happy tropical-fish. To help you decide if “Tropical Fish Secrets Care Guide” is for you or not.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the techniques revealed in it:

  • You’ll learn what type of aquarium is best for YOU – saltwater or freshwater
  • A little-understood secret that will keep the water in your aquarium crystal clear
  • 3 easy steps you need to do every day – that prevent BIG problems down the road
  • The 6 special rules you NEED know to prevent you from accidentally killing it! Look, they don’t live forever but you don’t have to end their lives prematurely. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your kids cry as you flush their favorite pet down the toilet – especially when it’s your fault! Learn this basic information or suffer the consequences.
  • You’ll also learn the number one thing you need to do before you set up your new aquarium
  • How to buy the best-fish – 6 things to look for when stocking your aquarium
  • How to know exactly how much to feed them
  • Inside techniques to help you avoid a “cash grab” by pet stores – this point alone can save you upwards of $100
  • How to keep your water warm, reduce heat loss and save money
  • All at the same time and which foods to avoid because of parasites.

You will also get to find out some easy tactics to control water chemistry. You need to know this stuff or your pet could get sick even if your aquarium looks great. But don’t panic. You won’t need a white lab coat. This isn’t your typical high-school chemistry lesson!

You’ll even find out where NEVER to put your aquarium and fluorescent or incandescent lighting? Learn which is best for your chosen set-up. You’ll learn when exactly to introduce-fish to your NEW tank – if you don’t know this they might not make it, how “drip loops” can keep you and your pet from getting fried and how to keep it in the tank. (Some will jump right out! If your child finds it a few days later … you’ll have some explaining to do!)

If you want to keep tropical-fish then this book really is the best purchase you can make. For just $27 you can grab your copy of this book today and download it immediately.

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Tropical Fish Secrets Care Guide