Triathlon Mental Training System: Triathlete Psychology Program




Triathlon Mental Training System: Triathlete Psychology Program


There isn’t another sport out there that demands more from you than the triathlon.

Do you suffer from any of these all-too-common PR Killers:

  • Pre-Race Jitters so bad that you almost (or do) get nauseous
  • Lack of Confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • Strong training, but lack-luster performance on race day
  • Lack of focus and not sticking to the game plan
  • Worry and Anxiety over the “uncontrolables”

Any one or combination of the above can wreak havoc on even the most well-conditioned triathlete!

The fact is that all the physical training in the world can only take you so far, the rest of the race is won in the mind.

Triathletes around the world acknowledge that the mental element of preparation and racing is paramount.

But recent surveys indicate that only about 9% of competitive triathletes “train their brain” on any consistent basis.

Introducing… Triathlon Mental Training System: Triathlete Psychology Program

The Triathlon Mental Training System: Triathlete Psychology Program combines three state-of-the art technologies that we have hand picked because they deliver results:

1. Hypnosis:

There are a few different ways to be hypnotized. There’s stage hypnosis, where people are convinced they are chickens and do ridiculous stuff on stage.

There’s therapeutic hypnosis where you are placed in a deep trance where you lose track of time and wake up later unaware of what you said or did…

And last is waking-hypnosis. It’s use this in this course. You simply listen to Coach Bill guide you into a light trance. Use the light trance to convince your subconscious to start working on improving your mind-body connection and integrate all of your training and skills with your nervous system… allowing you to access your peak performance states.

You get Four (4) separate Peak Performance Hypnotic Inductions.

Here is a brief description of each session and the benefits:

Session One: Renegade Triathlete Uber Confidence

  • Discover the secret anchor to supreme confidence… you can have it in seconds
  • Never feel intimidated or outclassed again, no matter how competitive the race
  • Release negative thoughts and feelings and actually ENJOY the event
  • Learn how to trust your training and your abilities, get out of your own way

Session Two: Win the Swim

  • Experience your swim segment, performed to perfection, in less than 20 minutes. This data will be stored in your subconscious and will be unleashed into the “real world” the next time you train and race
  • Let go of inappropriate muscle tension… instantly… for a more fluid and effortless swim
  • Discover how to easily handle any of the “mishaps” that often occur during the swim – equipment failures, water in your goggles, swallowing water, or being kicked by other competitors
  • Turn on your “auto-pilot swim program” and let your body and mind do what it has trained to do

Session Three: Cycling Success

  • Experience your complete bike segment, performed to perfection, in less than 20 minutes. This data will be stored in your subconscious and will be unleashed into the “real world” the next time you train and race
  • Effortlessly link up your unconscious mind and your body every time you approach and dismount your bike… creating smooth and efficient T1 and T2
  • Discover the best way to enter “The Zone”
  • The secret to sticking to your game plan, and riding with solid cadence and effort for the entire ride
  • How to prosper in adverse weather conditions when other cyclists use it as an excuse
  • Stay mentally focused and set yourself up for a solid T2 and a PR in the run

Session Four: Race to the Finish

  • Experience the final run segment of your race, performed to perfection, in less than 20 minutes. This data will be stored in your subconscious and will be unleashed into the “real world” the next time you train and race
  • Discover a simple anchor that will allow you to instantly enter a state of FLOW with your body and mind while running
  • Learn how running has a much to do with your body as it does your state of mind
  • How to keep pace, even when you feel like walking or stopping
  • The mental tricks to deal with nausea, cramping, pain, heat and exhaustion

2. Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP:

It Taps into Your Subconscious and Tweaks Your Brain’s Triathlete Programming

The powerful science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming have been adapted specifically to the demands of triathlon training and racing. This is the same system that Anthony Robbins uses to turn NBA Players into foul-shot whiz kids and gives elite Olympic athletes the Gold medal edge.

You’ll learn how to use simple NLP techniques to sharpen your focus, isolate your mental roadblock, and experience race-changing breakthroughs.

Here’s a short list of what you’ll discover:

• Why most triathletes NEVER reach their true potential! (Here’s a hint: hard work has nothing to do with this!)
• How to focus and kick any part of your racing up-a-notch!…From the start line to the finish, get little-known performance tips that will leave your competition in the dust (we won’t waste any time – many of these performance enhancers work in under 45 seconds).
• How to pinpoint your training goals and set a clear path to achieving them… faster than you thought was possible
• Quickly pinpoint the beliefs that are sabotaging your performance
• How to silence your “inner critic” once and for all and eliminate the one thing holding you back from racing to your true potential
• A simple trick to eliminate tension and anxiety before a race… especially if the swim segment is your biggest concern
• The “secret”, fool-proof technique that has been missing from your pre-race routine
• Get rid of negative barriers that are ruining your focus and costing you PRs on a regular basis… (you’re probably not even aware of them) while developing the laser focus most athletes work their entire life to achieve!
• Shatter your limiting beliefs about your abilities… NEVER feel embarrassed or self-conscious about poor performance in the past… and race with power!

3. Energy Mechanics:

As you read this, enough energy to illuminate two light bulbs is coursing through your body. This bio-mechanical energy is the secret to the supernatural power exhibited by lifetime students of the martial arts. It’s chi. Learn how to tap into this energy and use it to recover faster from training and injury, easily enter into The Flow state, and enhance your power, focus, and stamina.

• Discover the amazingly simple mental strategies developed by a Stanford Engineer to help war veterans overcome post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)… and how to use these same tools to keep your composure in ANY circumstance… Instantly!
• How an old-school cure for sea sickness can calm your nerves and help you methodically trim minutes off your PRs AND an extremely effective short-cut to diffuse pre-race anxiety…
• How to enter “the zone” at will… and stay there. Plus you’ll discover why traditional positive thinking can actually hurts your performance… and what to do instead!
• The popular “chock antidote” to erase your fear and doubt, no matter how big and scary the course or competition might be
• How your fingertips can catapult your performance.

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Triathlon Mental Training System: Triathlete Psychology Program