Travel With Confidence Review


Travel With Confidence Review


Travel with Confidence is an online course that gives women the poise they need to tour the world. It addresses issues that are specific to women and the issues that they face when they leave the comforts of the home that they know. It helps them see that traveling the world and having new experiences is an awesome experience.



Because this course is taught by ladies who have “been there/done that” it feels like all of my fears are understood. Every question that I had was addressed. The video format in which the authors Kristine and Toni present make the information very accessible.

I definitely feel that taking this course helped me gain control over what I will experience when I take a trip. I know that I will experience new sites, sounds, cultures and cuisines and I now look forward to these with excitement instead of trepidation.

Now, instead of my fears having power over me, I have control over them which makes me feel confident and powerful. Armed with the knowledge of how to use my surroundings to my advantage, I now have the courage to take on the world.

Along with the videos, the course comes with PDF companions. It is nice to have a written companion to the videos. With both of these formats I can refer back to the information easily.

I also enjoy the links to other popular resources and applications to help me plan my trip and feel as though I know what to expect on my tours. This program is a great guideline to give me information to boost my self-confidence. I feel like now I know strategies so that if my fears are realized, I can conquer the situation.


The only con is that I wish it were longer. For 2 hours-worth of material, it is definitely worth the $30 that it costs.

It would cost more like $200 for the same amount of time at a therapist and it would take more than 2 visits for the therapist to get to the heart of the problem and give me specific recommendations to alleviate my fears.

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