Travel Hacks Cheap Flights


Travel Hacks Cheap Flights


With over $350Bn of travel bookings made online every year, representing nearly 3 out of every 4 travel bookings, we can confidently say that online travel sales are here to stay.

With such a large percentage of travel being sold online, it would seem obvious that the cost of flights would be pretty transparent and readily available to everyone. As consumers, we would expect to find similar prices regardless of the travel site we visit, the country we browse from or the type of computer we use.

However, unfortunately this is not true.

Everything from browser type, country, type of computer, type of fare, your flexibility and how you click your mouse can make a difference to the price you pay…well, how you click the mouse does not matter as far as we know but on some days it feels like it might as well!

To help you navigate this complexity, we created this guide. There are no gimmicks, no loopholes – just 15 straightforward, relevant tips (or hacks) that you can apply to every single trip you book, helping you potentially save hundreds of dollars on your flight costs!

Without further ado, let’s figure out how we can slash the cost of your flight travel!

Hack your way to cheap flight tickets.


Most likely you have purchased flight tickets online at least once, if not dozens of times.

You probably used one of the big travel sites. Expedia, Kayak, Hotwire, Priceline, Travelocity…and thought you were getting a good deal.

But you probably over paid…Every Single Time.

Learn why you did and how you can slash the costs and potentially save hundreds of dollars on your future travel.

Travel Hacks Cheap Flights – What’s Inside

15 Travel Hacks – 15 different ways to reduce the price of your flight tickets
Key Examples – Clear step by step guides, with screenshots
Local & Overseas – Save on both domestic and international flights Worldwide
Hacks that work no matter where you are
45+ Page Ebook – PDF available immediately for download via link
No Expertise Needed – Simple enough that anyone can use the hacks

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Travel Hacks Cheap Flights