Training for Rock Climbing: Insider Secrets Guide


Training for Rock Climbing: Insider Secrets Guide


Do you think you would be a better climber if…

  • You had more knowledge?
  • You had more time?
  • You’d have started it at a younger age?
  • Someone would just show you the real tips, tricks, tactics and strategies that actually WORK?!

Introducing… Training for Rock Climbing: Insider Secrets Guide

You will find powerful tips, tricks, and secrets that will make you a stronger and better climber.

Discover the 3 most important and effective principles and simple strategies you can use to climb stronger and faster almost instantly!

Here’s a Small Sample of What’s Revealed…

  • Learn the 7 secrets to doing it smart and effectively.
  • How to design a complete program for your favorite style that is fun and will get you RESULTS!
  • The SECRET to getting dominating ab strength…
  • Fine tune your diet for optimal performance
  • 3 key principles to planning any program and why without them your bound to fail and be frustrated.
  • The amazing step-by-step process for keeping yourself injury free all season long
  • Proven ways to become more flexible without compromising your joints to injury
  • The key to increasing your pull strength by 10-30 percent FAST.
  • Instantly learn how to turn on a laser focus so you stay your best.
  • How choosing the right cross exercises will improve your strength, speed and endurance.
  • The #1 most common mistake climbers make that actually holds them back from getting better…
  • Discover the S.A.I.D. principle and how it dramatically effects your performance.
  • Proven ways to overcome the fears and mental obstacles 87% of all climbers experience.
  • How to become a master of goal setting so that you can climb better than you ever thought possible.
  • How to avoid getting pumped and what to do if you start getting pumped on a route.
  • Proven ways to harness positive energy into it… giving you more motivation, confidence, and belief. How to choose a partner that is going to make you a better climber not drag you down

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Training for Rock Climbing: Insider Secrets Guide