Train A Horse & Eliminate Bad Habits Training Techniques


Train A Horse & Eliminate Bad Habits Training Techniques


Maybe you’ve just got an untrained-horse and you don’t know where to start.

Or maybe you’ve got a problem-horse with a bunch of bad habits you just can’t shake… and nothing seems to be working.

Or maybe even you’re a horse-trainer looking for the edge over your competition…

Regardless of your experience, if any of the above strikes a chord with you, then then this might just be the most important information you’ll read this year!

You see, you’re about to discover how to master any-horse and bend it to do your will – even teach it tricks – without brutality and all in record time!

With this knowledge you can take even the baddest, nastiest, most contrary-horse and put it on its best behavior so quickly you’ll curse yourself for not discovering these secrets years ago!

And the best part is that anyone can do this – even if you’ve never trained-a-horse in your life!

Introducing… Train A Horse & Eliminate Bad Habits Training Techniques


Here’s a look at ALL that is included with Train A Horse & Eliminate Bad Habits Training Techniques:

How to Tame and Train Wild & Vicious Horses

The first of the lost gems that is contained in Train A Horse & Eliminate Bad Habits Training Techniques program is the incredibly powerful training guide originally written in the 1800’s, “How-To-Tame-and-Train-Wild-&-Vicious-Horses”

The authors were truly expert Horsemen and they were influenced by knowledge from ancient cultures in which the relationship between man-and-horse played a very central role in life and survival.

In this book, you’ll discover secrets such as…

  • How to tame and train a wild-horse naturally and gently – in plain and simple language even a child can understand!
  • How you can use the “Three Fundamental Principles” to get the better of any-horse.
  • How to “say good-bye” to disobedience – easy when you know the real reason behind it (and it doesn’t have a lot to do with the-horse!)
  • How to remove a horse’s fear of certain objects by using this little known secret of how-a-horse really decides if an object is safe or dangerous.
  • How to succeed in getting the colt from pasture “as easily as the hunter drives quails into his net.”
  • How to stable a colt without issue and even have him “go in of his own accord”. No more struggling and pulling!
  • The best type of halter to use, the right way to fit it, and why you should NEVER put a rope halter on an unbroken colt.
  • How to use the-horse’s most important sense to empower your training techniques. (Do you know what it is? Most folks get this totally wrong!)
  • The sure fire key to building a deep bond or connection with your-horse – from a long lost European manuscript from 1811, reprinted and improved upon in this book!
  • Who you should have with you in the stable with when training-a-horse. The answer may surprise you but when you try it you’ll be shocked by how well it works.
  • The best type of switch or whip to use in training. You’ll find out why it’s the best, the right way and the wrong way to use it effectively and what you must do immediately after you use the whip – if you don’t do this you will likely do more harm than good.
  • How to control a horse-movements as you approach – using your own body movements. It’s like ‘remote control’ for your-horse!
  • How a-horse will learn to “read” your feelings and the two feelings a good horseman or horsewoman should never “show” their-horse.
  • How to ensure your-horse won’t pull or rear when haltered and exactly where you should stand when you halter a-horse.
  • How the author was able to walk colts into a stable “in less than a minute, after men had worked for half an hour trying to pull them in.”
  • How to easily saddle even the wildest colt. In the authors own words: “Any one man who has this theory, can put a saddle on the wildest colt that ever grew, without any help, and without scaring him.”
  • How to mount your-horse and exactly where your first ride should take place – and it’s probably not where you think!
  • The three great advantages of a simple tool that will let you mount even the wildest-horse and how to tell when it is safe to mount.
  • How to use the reins in ways that “will stop any-horse from jumping ahead, rearing up, or running away” and gently make a stubborn horse move, even “when whipping would have no effect.”
  • How to tell when to finish the first ride – Have you been making that first ride too short – or too long? Your-horse knows, do you? You’ll also find out the optimum length of a training session.
  • The simple and fail-safe technique to break a kicking-horse “without any possible danger of hurting himself or you either”.
  • How to use the bit to give your-horse “a nice and graceful carriage – without hurting him, making him mad, or causing his mouth to get sore.”
  • How to eliminate balking – even when deeply ingrained!
  • What to do if your-horse is very wild BEFORE you drive him for the first time.
  • How you can use one simple fact about the awesome strength of-a-horse to your advantage.
  • And so much more!

And the best part is you’ll be able to do it gently using your newfound knowledge of the psychology-of-the-horse to get your way. It’ll be almost as if you can speak their language!

And it doesn’t matter if it’s your old pet-horse ‘Slowpoke’ or if you’re chasing wild Mustangs in America or Brumbies in Australia! If you work with-horses then this will take your skills to a level you never imagined possible — people will be begging you to train THEIR-horses!

AND there’s even a Special Section in the back of the book, which you’ll also receive…

“The Horseman’s Guide and Farrier”

By acting today, you’ll also receive “The Horseman’s Guide and Farrier”, an incredible resource, in which those master horse trainers listed out home remedies for an assortment of problems.

In this Special Section you’ll find:

  • Old time remedies for over a dozen conditions or diseases-of-horses – tinctures, oils and liniments to help heal your sick horse.
  • What to do to pacify a scared-horse and how to render it unlikely to start in the future.
  • The author’s recipe for “Horse-Powder” which the author claims will “cure more diseases than any other medicine known; such as Distemper, Fersey, Hidebound, Colds and all lingering diseases which may arise from impurity of the blood or lungs.”*
  • How a horse-physical features may be an indication of its disposition.
  • A very gentle process of making-a-horse lie down that “however wild and fractious it may be naturally, after practicing this process a few times, you will find him perfectly gentle and submissive, and even disposed to follow you anywhere, and unwilling to leave you on any occasion.”
  • And so much more!

See how powerful these horse-training secrets are? Of course…BUT… As good as this book is… It isn’t the complete picture… YET… remember the other old time master horseman?

In the early part of last century this EXTREMELY successful and renowned master horse-trainer created a phenomenon when he released his comprehensive 8 volume, fully illustrated, horse-training course.

If you want a complete and proven system that is tried and true and from a time when horsemen REALLY knew-horses, then this is it!

Say goodbye to any bad-habits or bad-behaviors your horse might have. No more kicking, shying, balking, biting, halter pulling – you’ll find out how to avoid and cure all these bad-habits and more!

Here, at last, is the Complete, Step by Step, Lesson by Lesson, Course in Horsemanship and Horse-Training by Renowned Horseman, Horse-Trainer and Trainer of Trainers, Prof. Jesse Beery, also included in the Horse-Training Secrets Revealed program, for you, when you act today…

A Course in Horsemanship is a treasure trove of Horse-Training Secrets from a true Old Time Horse-Master. Eight Volumes, Twelve Lessons, over 200 pages and 170+ illustrations, this course is packed with valuable information and techniques.

What that means for you is that nothing is left to guesswork… you’ll know exactly what to do, when you should do it and how you should do it to achieve the best result.

You’ll be guided through detailed instructions and generous illustrations from what you must know before you first handle-a-horse right through to teaching your-horse complex tricks! Along the way you’ll also find out how to avoid or cure any bad-habit-in-a-horse that you’re ever likely to encounter.

All this from a man who could “handle every kind-of-horse, no matter what sort-of-habit, or-habits, he may have, or what his natural inclinations are.”

You see Prof. Jesse Beery could “look at a horse-head and tell you what sort-of-habits he is likely to have, how he will act when you try to break him of any particular-habit and how long, and in what manner, he is likely to resist.”

With the use of this amazing skill, Prof. Beery racked up an amazing track record of breaking any and every unbreakable-horse folks would bring him!

The whole course – Train A Horse & Eliminate Bad Habits Training Techniques – is written in plain and simple language that even a child can understand. You don’t have to be an expert – but you can be one soon!

Think about it… Follow these lessons in detail and you will have a well-trained-horse, with NO bad-habits, and one that has confidence in you and that will be under your control at all times!

And you can begin taming and training your horse, no matter how wild or vicious, often in mere hours!

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