Trading Subliminal System: Master Pattern Recognition


Trading Subliminal System: Master Pattern Recognition


Being in the Zone – What would that mean to you?

Never missing the profitable trades and positions
Having the Mindset of a Master Trader
Consistently SEEING winning positions that are revealed to all, but seen by few
Being in Mental Top shape to take trades
Having your Brain ‘tuned up’ for trading
Total Brain Optimization for Pattern Recognition
Zen-like Peak Performance
Smashing through Plateaus
Following the fast flow of the market without a challenge

Would you like to find a way to move directly into ‘The Zone’?

The Zone, the Winning Mindset, that special Trader’s Edge where your subconscious takes over and acts faster than you can act, sees patterns that you don’t see, foresees events that you will only notice after the fact, and constantly picks profitable trade after trade after trade.

Want proof?

Have you ever met or listened to trainers explain their system? Most of the time, you come away feeling like, ‘that’s not really anything I’ve not thought for myself’. In fact, after you ‘learned’ the basics, the only REAL difference between you a successful trader is the time or experience that they have.

What happens over time?

Like any thing you do, eventually you can learn it so well, that it is now instinctual; you can do it without consciously thinking. That is the key.

Simple, yet POWERFUL – some people can’t drive a car with ALL their attention – yet you can and not even remember it.

This is the Zen edge that the Master Traders have; sometimes they don’t even know it, sometimes they think it’s some secret system that only they understand, but it’s not. It’s just that they now trade in the Zone, that mental state of consciousness where the subconscious has taken change.

For a Master Trader trading in the Zone, their subconscious mind digests information, and faster than your conscious mind even notices it; a pattern emerges, and then they are told to take a trade, or a position by their subconscious mind.

You have seen it time and time again.

How can you speed up the process and get into the Zone now?

How can you make use of your lighting fast subconscious mind and use its powerful pattern recognizing ‘software’ to show you the same signals that are invisible to your conscious mind?

What would it be worth to you to suddenly turn your trading around – so you were always up?

Introducing the amazing state-of-the-art Perfect Mind Trading Subliminal system.


If you have struggled with ‘systems’, special signals, newsletters, robots, etc, you probably know how to trade.

Profitable trading opportunities are being presented to you on a daily, perhaps hourly basis. It’s just that you don’t act. You are either missing what is right in front of you, or seeing your entry or exit too late.

That’s where the Perfect Mind Trading program takes over for you.

It will unblock your mind from all the clutter and noise and reveal to you the entry and exit points that those in the Zone see.

Identify and Exploit market opportunities in real time
Enhance and Magnify all your knowledge and training
See patterns as they emerge, NOT by looking back
Cut out the false messages of the market
Achieve market confidence
Be at peace with the flow of information, not afraid of it

This special Audio download is a unique mutli-track MP3 program that you listen to. It will train your brain to attain the ‘Winner’s Edge’, allowing you to trade in the Zone like the pros.

Just sit back and listen, on your computer, your Ipod, Ipad or other MP3 player, or even on a CD player if you like. The more you listen, the more powerful and effective you will become.

How does it work so well?

Through a scientific technique called Brain Entrainment and Subliminal Affirmation Self Hypnosis.

While you sit back and listen to The Perfect Mind Trading Subliminal tracks, this powerful program uses specific, positive commands sent DIRECTLY to the subconscious mind, commanding it to only see ‘winning trade patterns’ and filter out distracting market noise, and it alerts your conscious mind once it sees a pattern, so you can act on it.

These messages are just under the threshold of hearing – in other words ‘subliminal’.

Subliminal Affirmations are specific, positive commands to shape your subconscious into a Zen-like Master Trader. These commands are sent DIRECTLY to the subconscious mind, thus avoiding the ‘gatekeeper’ or your conscious mind. You see, if you were to say to yourself, “I see profitable trading positions” that would be rejected by the conscious mind, because it worries – making you indecisive and confused – not traits of a Master Trader.

Subliminal Affirmations work better, faster and more effectively than using ‘Will Power’, or the conscious mind, or even reading positive affirmations aloud to yourself.

What Do I Get?

Your program comes with 6 different tracks, each with your powerfully designed Zone inducing affirmations. One of the tracks is silent, allowing you to listen to these affirmations in the background– when you don’t want binaural beats or other music or sounds. The other tracks are the same affirmations, but you will not hear them, instead, you will hear different music or background sounds. Don’t worry, you’ll have full instructions and FAQs, but we don’t expect you’ll need any help, it’s pretty straight forward.

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