Total Wellness Cleanse – Cleansing Body Detox Diets


Total Wellness Cleanse – Cleansing Body Detox Diets


Flush Away All The Toxins That Have Been Polluting Your Body For Years — And Stop Them Coming Back Again With A Vengeance!

The only way to completely protect your body from these toxins and heal yourself, is to use a food-based cleansing program. One that gives your body all the vital nutrition it needs, while also flushing out all the toxins that shouldn’t be there.

That’s the only kind of detox program you can actually sustain.
First… you won’t be starving yourself, or forcing yourself to survive on nothing but pond scum “smoothies”, or supplement pills, or rabbit food that leaves you starving, irritable and desperately craving real nutrition. You’ll be eating real, full and wholesome foods that leave you satisfied.

Second… you don’t need to worry about spending heaps of money on expensive “health foods”, or wasting precious hours of your day searching for weird ingredients that are difficult to find. This program requires only common foods and ingredients that are well known, inexpensive and easy-to-find.

And third…

After The Cleanse, You Can Return To Eating Most Of Your Favorite Meals!

You don’t have to cut them out of your life completely. Yes, it is true… to begin with, for the first part of the detox, you will need to stick to the plan and cut some types of food out of your life. But after the first phase of the cleanse… you’ll be able to reintroduce your favorite foods, and find your own balance that allows your body to stay healthy and free of toxins.

There’s really nothing to stop you from trying this. But if you don’t clear your body of all the toxins and chemicals that have been piling up, then the problem is only going to get worse.

Here’s what is going to happen, if you continue punishing your body with toxins:

– You’ll continue gaining fat, and putting on more and more weight. And here’s why. Your body needs to store these dangerous excess toxins somewhere; otherwise, they can lead to serious damage in your blood vessels and vital organs. But since it can’t flush them out of your body completely… all these dangerous chemicals end up being stored in your fat cells, which act as storage lockers. That’s why, no matter how much exercise you do, or however much you cut down on what you eat… there’s always that extra layer of fat you can never shift.
– Your bones will lose calcium, and become weaker and weaker. The condition is called “osteoporosis”. Toxic overload makes your blood too acidic. And so your body compensates, by taking calcium from your bones and dumping it in your blood stream to bring the acid levels down. But this process weakens your bones. And overtime, it becomes severe.
– Your circulatory system will become ripe for heart disease. Toxins cause chronic inflammation — which, as you may know, abrades the inside of your artery walls. And it’s this process that is the real cause of heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.

But… when you finally cleanse your body of all the toxins that have plagued you all your life… and when you’re at last eating delicious foods that provide all the nutrition you need to function properly, and at your best… you can live your life with practically limitless energy and gusto.

It is the only food-based cleanse on the market that also gives you daily support and empowered education. In other words, it’s the only detox program that lets you eat delicious, wholesome and nutritious foods… while working behind the scenes to clean your body of all the junk that’s been piling up in there all your life.

There are no expensive supplements. No expensive “detox” potions, that leave you gagging. No colon irrigation. No “spicy lemonade”, or any other celebrity nonsense. And absolutely no dangerous long-term fasting stints.

It is all about eating delicious, whole foods that nourish your body with the vital nutrients it needs to kick-start it’s own natural detox process. And it’s this process that restores your health — from the inside out.

It’s the same program that’s been tried and tested by 21,379 people to date, from all around the world. We’ve tested it, over and over and over again. And the results speak for themselves. This program will empower you to… finally save your body of all the dangerous toxicity that’s been polluting it for years, making you sick and exhausted… evaporate suborn fat… and unleash a torrent of sustainable all-day energy.

It isn’t about “shocking” your body into health, or starving it of all the nutrients it needs to function properly. This kind of thing isn’t sustainable. And in the long run, you’ll just end up wrecked, worn out and frustrated.

That’s why detox shakes, “spicy lemonade”, herbal supplements (which, by the way, are really just glorified laxatives), and other Hollywood and “New Age” nonsense are not just a complete waste of your money, but also dangerous!

But doing nothing isn’t an option either. And if you continue to eat and to live the way you currently are, things are just going to get worse and worse.

You know the phrase, “You are what you eat?” Well, it’s true! Your body is a collection of cells. And every cell in your body is made up entirely of the food you’ve eaten throughout your life. And if you consider that most of the foods you eat are loaded with toxins, additives and all kinds of other junk…

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Total Wellness Cleanse – Cleansing Body Detox Diets