Total Skiing Fitness – Ski Training Program


Total Skiing Fitness – Ski Training Program


In order to ensure you are covering all your bases with your ski fitness training, you need to be including all 4 of the following components into your workouts. If you include all of these you are going to build a fit, strong body and enhance your performance in record time…

Step 1 – Dynamic Warmup

Perhaps most important part of your workout is the Dynamic Warmup as it will help prepare your body for the functional strength ski exercises that follow. It will also help improve your mobility and help to overcome any muscle or postural imbalances that you may have, which can help in preventing any injuries.

It should include the following…

  • Corrective Exercises – These will help improve common postural and muscular imbalances you may have. For example there are corrective exercises to improve the movement at your hips, which is a common problem as many people have a tendency to move more from their lumbar spine instead of their hips increasing the risk of lower back injury.
  • Mobility Exercises – Mobility exercises will help improve your ability to actively move through a full range of motion which can directly enhance your movement patterns by helping you to be more efficient, expend less energy and reduce your injury risk.
  • Activation Exercises – These exercises will help turn on any under-active muscles so that when you are performing the functional strength exercises your muscles are more likely to fire in the correct sequence. For example many people are quadriceps dominant and have glutes that are underactive. This can lead to inefficient movement and even injury. By performing glute activation exercises you can turn on the muscles so that they will used correctly when needed.

Step 2 – Functional Strength Exercises

The main part of your workout is the functional strength component and should include the following…

  • Balance, Core Stability and Rotational Core Exercises – Stability is extremely important and therefore needs to be adequately trained in your workouts. Exercises should be included that challenge your balance and core stability. In addition, as skiing requires a lot of rotational movements, you need to train both rotational stability and rotational power.
  • Multi-joint Exercises – The focus of your functional strength training should be on multi-joint exercises that use multi-planar movements (the 3 planes of movement). Gone are the days of doing isolated body building exercises. Instead you need to be doing compound movements like Squatting, Lunging, Lifting, Pushing (horizontal and vertical) and Pulling (horizontal and vertical).
  • Power Exercises – Your skiing will also benefit from including some power exercises which are basically strength exercises performed explosively. This will help develop power in your legs which is important for skiers.

Step 3 – Energy System Training (EST)

It refers to the cardiovascular part of the workout. This can be done after the functional strength training part of your workout, or depending on time you may choose to split it up and do it on a different day, alternating days between functional strength and cardio.

The most effective way to train your energy systems is with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT has been scientifically proven to significantly improve both your Aerobic (with oxygen – for more sustained efforts) and Anaerobic (without oxygen – more short burst energy) energy systems simultaneously.

Using this also allows you to do a shorter workout and produce better results when compared to traditional cardio workout.

The ultimate cardio is when you use bodyweight exercises like squat jumps, combined with agility drills, so you can build leg endurance and agility at the same time as increasing your aerobic and anaerobic endurance.

Step 4 – Static Stretching & Flexibility Exercises

Performing static stretching and flexibility exercises are most at the very end of your workout. Stretching will help your muscles recover and promote increases in flexibility. It can also be done everyday and anytime of the day (not just with exercise).

In fact to make significant gains in flexibility it is better to stretch frequently so your muscles will stay lengthened and not revert back to being short and tight. To make the most of it you need a full body stretch routine that you can follow along step-by-step.


If you want to become a fitter, stronger, better skier this winter then it is important to train using the latest exercise science. This includes including a dynamic warmup, functional strength workout, energy system and stretching & flexibility exercises.

If you incorporate all of these components into your workouts then you are setting yourself up to enhance your performance.

Introducing… Total Skiing Fitness – Ski Training Program


Most courses created by trainers are designed for bodybuilders not athletes.

Generally these courses are generic in nature and do not tailor to the specific needs of the athlete.

To really boost your performance you need a course that is functional in nature, with exercises and workouts that will help you ski harder and longer, decrease the risk of injury and have dominating all over the mountain this season…

Total Skiing Fitness – Ski Training Program Will Help You…

  • Do it harder and longer without fatigue
  • Do it with more style
  • Land bigger and better jumps and tricks
  • Enhance your balance and control
  • Reduce your injury risk and rehab previous injuries
  • Do it better and dominate all over the mountain

The exercises and programs focus specifically on the critical fitness components needed for performance skiing…

These Components Are:

  • Maximum core stability for astounding body control on the snow and in the air
  • Extraordinary leg strength and stability for amazing skiing endurance and landing absorption
  • Explosive power for catapulting yourself through the air
  • Remarkable balance to help you stay on your feet and land mind blowing tricks
  • Incredible trunk mobility for performing crazy tricks
  • Insane flexibility and range of motion to help prevent career stopping injuries

What do I get in “Total Skiing Fitness – Ski Training Program”?

Total Skiing Fitness – Ski Training Program is your complete strength and conditioning plan for this season.

Ski exercise manual comes with 8 weeks worth of workouts broken into 2 phase to help you enhance your ski fitness and boost your performance.

Phase 1

  • 4 Week Functional Program
  • Build a solid foundation of strength, balance, core stability, leg power, mobility and flexibility
  • Complete 2-3 workouts per week
  • Follow along step-by-step with full color exercise pictures and descriptions

Phase 2

  • 4 Week Performance Functional Program
  • Take it to the next level with advanced strength, balance, core stability, leg power, mobility and flexibility
  • Complete 2-3 advanced workouts per week
  • Follow along step-by-step with full color exercise pictures and descriptions

Cardio Workouts

  • Enhance it even more with the High Intensity Cardio Workouts
  • Boost your aerobic and anaerobic endurance so you can perform all day on the slopes
  • No long boring cardio – only fast, fun, workouts
  • Do these workouts after your functional strength workouts or on your off days

Stretching Sequence

  • Improve your flexibility and enhance your recover with the stretch sequence
  • Complete the stretch sequence at the end of your workouts
  • Full color stretch chart, so you can just follow along step-by-step
  • Follow along step-by-step with full color exercise pictures and descriptions
  • You can even load the PDF manuals onto your iPhone or Smart Phone and take them with you!

Plus Videos

These online videos show demonstrations of all the functional exercises.

Some of the exercises can be quite complicated, so it is beneficial to be able to watch someone perform them to make sure you are executing the exercises correctly.

This will also help to ensure you don’t injure yourself by performing an exercise the wrong way.

You can view the workout videos on your computer or smart phone.

Plus You Also Get The Following Bonuses…

Foam Rolling For Injury Prevention & Performance

  • If you are not already using Self Myofascial Release (SMR) then you need to use this manual
  • Learn how to keep your muscles loose and free even after a long day on the slopes using this simple self-massage technique
  • Use foam rolling to reduce injuries and enhance your skiing performance

Precision Nutrition – Strategies For Success

  • Written by one of the world’s top nutrition experts John Berardi (PhD, CSCS)
  • Learn the 10 rules of good nutrition for a lean, athletic body
  • Details a comprehensive list of what foods should be in your kitchen
  • Easy food preparation strategies
  • The truth about protein
  • Plus much more!

Turbulence Training – Bodyweight Workout

  • Created by Men’s Health fitness expert Craig Ballantyne
  • Use this workout to burn fat and build muscle
  • No need for any exercise equipment, just use your own bodyweight

Training & Nutrition Insider Secrets For A Lean Body

  • Created by Certified Nutrition Specialist Mike Geary
  • Learn metabolism boosting secrets that you can use to strip off body fat
  • Also contains training methods and nutrition strategies for a lean body

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Total Skiing Fitness – Ski Training Program