Top 5 Home Based Businesses You Can Start Today!


Top 5 Home Based Businesses You Can Start Today!


I know a lot of you are looking for ways to augment your income, but for one reason or another, need to stay home as well. Here are the top 5 home based businesses that you can do on a part time basis, and best of all, are easy enough to start immediately!

#1 Soap Making

Soap making is a craft that a lot of people find to be soothing and fulfilling. Soap is an affordable luxury that a lot of people indulge in, making specialty soaps one of the most lucrative industries that you can go into.

There are also a lot of guides and resources out there that promises to help you learn the ropes of making soap or going into the soap business. One such guide is “The Super Soap Making Book” by Sandy Simmons.

#2 eBay Selling

This is another business that you can easily set up from your home. There are a lot choices open to you in terms of what to sell. You can sell used stuff from your house. You can also sell brand new merchandise. Once you’ve identified what you want to sell, look for suppliers that can provide you with those items inexpensively. Take photos, write an accurate and appropriate description, and you’re set to sell on eBay.

#3 Internet affiliate marketing

This is another way to make money online which you can do from home. Affiliate marketing is a system where you help websites promote their products and in return for successful referrals, you get a percentage of sales. Most affiliate programs have guides to help even those who are new to it.

#4 Babysitting Services

For those who enjoy being with children, offering babysitting services to your neighbors is another way you can earn while staying home. If you intend to do this, you may need to re-arrange the furniture in your home to make sure it’s child safe and child friendly. You also need to stock up on things to entertain kids and keep them busy.

#5 Tutorial Services

This is a great part time, home based business for those who love teaching kids. You can offer to help your neighbor’s kids with their homework. During summer vacations, you can offer advance lessons. The kids can be dropped off at your house right after school, and fetched right after they complete their assignments or lessons.