Top 5 Aluminium Boat Plans


Top 5 Aluminium Boat Plans


Aluminium is a great material to work with when building a boat. If you are considering which plan you should use to design your boat. Well, we have picked five of the top ones that others have told us about. When it comes to aluminium boat plans here are some we think you might like to consider.
One of the top aluminium boat plans that many people enjoy using when it comes to their sail boats is the 50m Sailing Phinisi. These yachts have been enjoyed by many on exotic islands. They are big and spacious with great sailing for anyone who rides one.

Another plan that people whose preference is for aluminium boats like the Targa Top Alloy Sea Boat that is 7 meters with a full tower. This is a one of a kind boat as far as boat plans go. This raised deck with cabin will look nice after you finish. People will all want to ride it. Add features that you would like to see to it. It’s easy to build.

The twenty inch jet setter is another popular one. This aluminium made white water sled is fast and ferocious when it hits the water. This is great for fishing and such.

The fourth boat that is a great asset and has great boat plans to go with it is a great fishing boat as well. These boat plans are crazy with plenty of walk space and a forty degree hull. You’ll love this boat.

Last, the Olympian 23 is great for windy areas. The helm station is enclosed giving you an escape from wind and rain when that type of weather looms. The cockpit is self bailing. All of it is made out of aluminium and has many additional features. These are just some of the best plans out there for aluminium boats.

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