Tips to Use For Caring and Keeping Geese


Tips to Use For Caring and Keeping Geese


There are two major problems that can come about with taking care of geese. These deal with their health conditions and the fact that in some cases they may try to escape a farm. Because of these two problems it will be very important to work towards keeping them by using a few tips. It helps to look into watching for any health concerns surrounding them and to watch for how they are physically kept on the farm.

In many cases a goose may end up becoming lame. This is where it will feel weak in the legs. Getting a goose that has been affected to be wormed will be very important. It helps to get it to be wormed at a veterinarian’s office as soon as possible to help with removing any parasites that it may possibly have.

Another tip to use regarding their health considerations is to consider the amount of grit that is available for them. Getting them to have plenty of grit is important because they aren’t capable of milling down foods like people do and as a result will need grit to help them with consuming and digesting food. It will especially be important to do this for females that have laid eggs because when there is not enough grit for these females they can die from complications as a result of laying eggs.

Heat can be a difficult thing for them to handle. This is one of their main health considerations to see because they can overheat easily during warmer times of the year due to their feather coats. Having a clean water source in the farm area is very important because this will be used to help with getting them to be naturally cooled off.

Although there are plenty of health considerations for them to watch for it will be important as well to look into the fencing that is used for them. A major part of keeping them deals with getting them to stay in a farm. A proper type of wire fence should be used to help keep them in the farm. A three-foot tall fence is important in that it will be tall enough to help with preventing them from trying to get out of the farm.

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