Tinder Sex and Online Dating Guide for Guys


Tinder Sex and Online Dating Guide for Guys


5 Simple Conversation Hacks That Let You Get Any Girl on Tinder

Do you know what the biggest mistake guys make on Tinder is?

I’ll just come straight out without instead of wasting your time.

The biggest mistake is:

Treating it like any other dating site / app.

Tinder is a completely different beast.

You can have great pictures, a decent bio.

It doesn’t matter.

The things you do on other sites won’t work on Tinder.

Learn the correct techniques for Tinder and you can easily get 10X the results you’re getting now.

So many guys are already taking advantage of this formula and are now picking and choosing hot girls to date every single day.

But don’t worry – there’s still plenty to go around.

Why don’t you join them already?

Imagine having the freedom to choose the girls that you want, instead of just hoping that some girls will choose you.

It’s the solution you’ve been looking for.

All the waiting comes to this point.

For so long you’ve had to struggle with:

-Getting very few matches
-Getting no responses to your messages
-Not knowing what to say to start a conversation
-Not knowing how to get a number
-Not knowing how to ask for a date
-Not getting the hot girls that you deserve

Now is the time for change.

You don’t have to put up with that stuff any more because “The Tinder Formula” is here.

And it’s here now:

The right way to start a conversation with your matches
How to develop a conversation and never run out of things to say
How to avoid boring, friendly conversations that get you no where
Find out what gets her begging to meet up with you
How to tailor your profile to get more matches than ever before
How to ask for her number without rejection
How to use “Moments” to win back those girls who ignored you
Actual screenshots showing you exactly how it should be done

Get ready to learn all of this (and much more):

The one type of profile picture that instantly increases your match rate by as much as 60% (page 11)
The 5 steps you must follow for the best chances of success (page 8)
The other type of profile picture that cuts your match rate in HALF (avoid this) (page 11)
The 1 thing you must do to avoid getting put in the “friend zone” (page 18)
The big mistake that ruins your first date, even if you’ve done everything else right (page 29)
The critical error most guys make when asking her out on a date (page 33)
The one thing to avoid when trying to get her phone number (page 32)
The thing that 95% of guys do with “Moments” that actually repels her (page 36)

I’m not gonna waste any more of your time, get yourself to the link below and learn all about it yourself:


Tinder Sex and Online Dating Guide for Guys