Tinder Hacks Guide: Get More Matches, Messages, Numbers & Dates


Tinder Hacks Guide: Get More Matches, Messages, Numbers & Dates


Introducing… Tinder Hacks Guide: Get More Matches, Messages, Numbers & Dates


Tinder Hacks Guide: Get More Matches, Messages, Numbers & Dates is the number ONE premier resource men all over the world are using to take their Tinder-game to the next level.

A fully comprehensive book detailing how to match/message/mingle with the most desirable women in your area. It comes complete with everything from scripts and image templates to analytics of what works – and what doesn’t!

When you grab this book, you’re going to discover how to double, triple, or even quadruple the number-of-matches you get every single day.

Discover the Three Keys to maximizing profile visibility, interactivity, and conversions.

To master these Three Keys, you’ll learn to truly optimize your profile: you’ll get the facts on everything from photo selection to writing a kick-ass bio that ensures interest, engagement and – most importantly – that she swipes right.

Matching with a bunch of quality women may be great for stroking your ego, but without any follow-up dialogue it is pretty much worthless.

Messaging is obviously the single most important feature that Tinder offers – and yet it’s the most woefully misused.

One of the biggest mistakes guys make is waiting too long for it, or waiting for the woman to message first. Stop doing this.

The metrics are clear: with a traditional profile, less than 8% of women you match will message you first. Less than EIGHT PERCENT. This book can change that, of course: you’ll be able to increase results dramatically; you’ll get that number to over 20%.

Still, if you want to be successful (or, you know… life), you have to be willing to make the first move – and you have to know how to make the right one. No message is as important as the first one, and knowing how not to screw up can be the difference between a great conversation that leads to a date… or complete radio silence.

You’ll get the tools to do that: this book comes complete with over dozens of example of how high-converting openers are the key to going from “that guy I matched with” to “the guy I’m talking to.”

Perhaps the most surprising secret to being successful on Tinder is not being on it any longer than absolutely necessary.

A phone number makes it exponentially more likely that you’ll meet up, or even keep talking. Research clearly indicates that women respond to over 90% of text-messages… and only 47% of Tinder-messages. You need to be able to move a conversation off it as quickly as possible.

Not only that, but the structure of the app favors new-matches – so the longer it takes for you to get a phone-number and move to texting, the less likely it is that to happen at all. If you’re having a good conversation and let it die, it’s extremely unlikely that you’lll be able to pick the conversation back up on it.

In other words, you need to be able to move a conversation off it and onto texting as quickly as possible… because if you don’t get her number-ASAP, you may as well not bother.

This book gives you the exact way to do just that.

If you want these women to actually meet you in person, you need to step your game up. This book will teach you exactly how to transition a text conversation to get people excited to meet up with you in person.

Never forget this: if you get a phone-number, and you don’t go on a date with that person, you dropped the ball and fucked up somewhere. Learn how NOT to do that.

It doesn’t just work for “some guys” or ever depend on your goal – men in all cities, with all kinds of jobs have had incredible success: some of these guys have leveraged their newfound success into long-term exclusive relationships, while others have used the techniques to crush life as a bachelor.

As with any type of marketing, it’s important to separate yourself from the noise to get attention; you need to be creative, witty, and appeal to your target demographic in a way that is genuine and native to the platform.

Tinder Hacks Guide: Get More Matches, Messages, Numbers & Dates Includes:

  • What types of profile pictures will get you more-matches
  • How to leverage your bio to start new conversations
  • Which messages work the best (includes response rate %)
  • How to use Tinder Moments to rekindle old matches
  • Images that you can use as Moments to get a girl’s attention
  • How and when to move the conversation off
  • What to say to get girls excited to meet you in-person
  • Strategies to use while traveling

In addition to the eBook (PDF), it comes with a .ZIP file full of images templates that you can start using right away. These templates will help your profile images pop, and also give you ready-to-share moments that are guaranteed to get responses from women.

It is written for MEN who want to get more matches/messages/numbers/dates. The book covers everything from profile photos, writing the perfect bio, what to message-women, how to move the conversation off it, and how to get girls excited to meet you in person.

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Tinder Hacks Guide: Get More Matches, Messages, Numbers & Dates