This Tongue Technique Puts Her into an Hypnotic Trance


This Tongue Technique Puts Her into an Hypnotic Trance


Expert studies have shown that bringing a woman into a deep state of physical euphoria can mimic the brain activity that is in a hypnotic trance.

Essentially this means that if you can give your woman such intense pleasure she is in a state where she will want to do anything for her “master”.

Most woman are believed to be able to reach this level of “drunken” pleasure when being expertly stimulated orally. The combination of warm breath, wet tongue and silky swipe of the tongue have the best possible chance of giving her wave after wave of intoxicating pleasure.

The best combination of breath and tongue techniques

It is important that your woman is emotionally prepared to surrender to the pleasure and be 100% in the receiving end – at least for a while. Women are naturally givers and nurturers and you need to mentally prepare her that this is 100% for her and she should simply soak in the enjoyment.

If she is expecting to perform and pleasure you at the same time she will not be able to reach the deep state of pleasure that brings her into the trance-like state.

Men must be an expert of the tongue for this to work

You then must artistically paint her “canvas” with your tongue with flicks, strokes, breaths and suckles — in the right place and in the right combinations.

My colleague Michael Webb has put together the premier resource on oral pleasuring.

This deep level or eroticism probably wont happen on your first try but by using Michael’s techniques you will be well on your way to being an expert cunning-linguist 🙂

CLICK on the link below to learn the techniques.