The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Workout




The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Workout


There Will Be A Zombie Apocalypse

At the end of civilization – you’re going to see people come back from the dead and spawn more zombies.

You’ll need to be prepared to run away from them, or kill them in hand-to-hand combat.attacked

Otherwise you simply will not survive! Or, even worse, you’ll join their ranks – for eternity, or until someone who is actually prepared bashes your zombie-skull in.

Remember, they are relentless. They have no feelings, no compassion. No soul!

They won’t stop until your brains are in their belly.

So what are you going to do?


This is the one and only workout specifically designed to help you survive and thrive during the coming zombie apocalypse – duh!

Seriously though, this kick ass program is designed with the most cutting-edge training principles in mind. Not only will it help with accelerated fat loss, but it also is a great conditioning program.

It’s the kind of program we might put an action star through – someone whose livelihood depends on being able to survive a zombie apocalypse on the big screen. From conditioning and endurance… to strength and agility.

Even the most gruesome and relentless zombies won’t stand a chance.

You can outrun them, outmaneuver them, outfight them. You’ll have the requisite strength to toss them around, or bash their brain-eating skulls in!

Worst case scenario, you complete this program and there isn’t a zombie apocalypse, you’re still in great shape. Well, actually, that’s probably the best case scenario.

The absolute worst case scenario is much scarier… the zombie apocalypse happens and you’re not prepared!

How to Be Ready for Any Physical Challenge (The End of the World Included!)

First and foremost, this is a 12 week program that is going to sculpt you into a hardcore

With your body tough and hard and strong — you’ll be able to live off the land or fight off attackers, no matter what happens.

It’s also going to make you fitter in every sense of the word.

Whether you need to sprint away from a zombie, run long distance, or simply run circles around them – you’ll be ready.

Either way, if somehow the Zombie Apocalypse doesn’t happen in the next 3 months… you’ll be in the absolute best shape of your life.

You’ll laugh at those with “relaxed” fitness goals and results…

And if it ever comes, you’ll have the last laugh.

Best of all…

You’ll Have More Raw Zombie-Smashing Power in One Hand Than Most Have In Their Entire Body!

It completely debunks what practically all “sanctioned” fitness instructors are still teaching to guys like you. “Dirty little secrets” like…

– Why most “cardio” (even some “high intensity”) actually slows your metabolism and makes you slower and fatter long term!
– How a simple “shift” in the way you lift actually explodes your functional strength, giving you the muscle-explosiveness you need to defeat even the fiercest zombies…
– Why size and strength are EASY to control, once you understand how to move through these 4 phases of zombie survival…

More specifically, you’ll discover…

– Why adding a “priming phase” to your training explodes the fat burning potential of everything you do (especially when you use these two little-known tips)
– The “burst rule” of cardio — and why most trainers would get you killed when the Zombie Apocalypse finally comes…
– The controversial training secret that not only helps you defeat zombies — IT MAKES YOU BETTER IN BED. (Man or woman, you’ll be able to go all night long and never be tired.)
– The WRONG WAY to do circuit training. And why doing it the right way, you can melt fat off your midsection like butter in a microwave…
– The 3 fastest ways to get a lean, hardened body that’s also athletic and functional — not stiff and bloated like most bodybuilders!
– 5 “fundamental movements” that build joint mobility and stability… while also exploding your agility, and helping you tone your “trouble areas”…
– The ONE AND ONLY WAY to get “visible abs” in 8 weeks or less. Everything else anyone tells you — from crunches to workout gear — simply isn’t true and often slows your progress…
– How to double your strength and endurance, while cutting your workout time AND frequency — in half!
– You’ll even discover how to quickly infuse every muscle in your body with raw power needed to explode through any workout, anytime. It’ll be automatically “installed” in your body and there for you to access whenever you need it – whether it’s a monster workout… or…well… beating up monsters.

This instant way to “power up” your muscles is crucial in survival situations, and is one of the many things you’ll get as part of the Zombie Apocalypse program.

These lessons and the 4 simple phases are perfect for anyone looking to transform their bodies, rescue the hotties from evil zombies – and most importantly – STAY ALIVE.

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