The Ultimate Scrapbooking Guide


scarpbooking-guide-headerThe Ultimate Scrapbooking Guide


Do You Recognize any of These Things Being True Sometimes?”

  • You lack the confidence to learn or try new techniques-in-scrapbooking
  • You don’t know how to start or where to start a scrapbook-project
  • You find yourself at a loss for ideas or inspiration to scrap

Are these some of the reasons why you are stuck on a plateau, and you find that you’re not improving your skills?

But you know what? There is a solution…

Introducing… The Ultimate Scrapbooking Guide


Irene Tan reveals her secret techniques and ideas, and takes you behind the scenes to share her experiences and insights.

Read in detail all the tools, materials, techniques, and concepts she uses… so you can use it all to follow, copy, and learn from the wisdom and knowledge of one of the world’s top professional scrapbookers and teachers.

Read and copy from the master… and equip yourself with the skills to be able to create your own masterpieces.

This book shares with its readers a rare glimpse into the creativity and talent of Irene Tan, a world-class scrapbooker, designer, and teacher.

  • Readers will enjoy the numerous examples of gorgeous craftsmanship as Irene walks us through ten of her most personal projects.
  • See how she uses her tools and materials to create masterpieces.
  • Read and learn as she discusses the finer points of working with acrylic, inks, paints, and other mediums.
  • Irene encourages experimentation, and you will see the results in this book as she practices what she preaches.
  • You will learn how Irene Tan finds ideas and inspiration for new projects.
  • You will learn how to conquer your fear and avoid getting confused by new products and projects.
  • You will be encouraged to try different methods and learn how to mix and match different techniques with different media.
  • Irene will show you about new and unique tools that she herself uses for adding dimension to pages.
  • You will learn how Irene Tan creates embellishments out of various media and tools.
  • You will see how Irene handles “scrap block”.
  • And much much more…

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